Beyonce, Bodyguard Cheating Story NOT True

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Beyonce Bodyguard Cheating

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Bodyguard Cheating

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Beyonce is not cheating on Jay Z with her bodyguard, despite a report implying there’s inappropriate behavior going on right in front of the rapper’s face. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

MediaTakeOut blares in a headline on Thursday, “New Pics Suggest Bey Has A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP… With Her Bodyguard!! (Is Julius Gonna Pull A ‘RUSSELL WILSON’… On Jigga’s Family??)” The accompanying story states, “New Pics from Beyonce and Jay Z’s vacation in Nerano Italy – has people talking. Specifically, people are talking about the BODY LANGUAGE between Beyonce and her bodyguard. Now it could be NOTHING — but their physical contact suggests that the two are very close.”

“When Bey was sitting between her husband and her bodyguard — she chose to put her arm around JULIUS over Jigga. And in one pic it appear sthat [sic] Jay Z is upset over it,” claims the webloid. “People on Twitter have also noticed that Julius has a very close relationship with the couple’s daughter BLUE IVY. Some even suggested that Julius may be trying to ‘Russell Wilson’ Jay Z’s family.”

The site notes, “Russell Wilson started dating Ciara shortly after she broke up with rapper Future. Now the couple is married, and raising Future’s son in their home.” Of course, MediaFakeOut fails to mention two important things with this comparison.

First off, Beyonce and Jay Z are still together, unlike Ciara and Future at the time she embarked on a relationship with Wilson. And second, as the romance progressed, Wilson became like a father figure to Ciara’s son, which is what’s supposed to happen with a stepdad. It’s not doing anything to someone else’s family except for expanding it, despite MTO trying to make it seem like a negative thing.

The outlet is also wrongly spinning the aforementioned “new pics.” In one of the photos, Beyonce and Jay Z are making their way through a crowd, and the bodyguard is carrying Blue Ivy as he walks behind them. This isn’t abnormal behavior.

In the other two shots, the group is sitting in an open-air car, with Julius’ arm protectively bracing Beyonce’s back, as there was nothing to lean against. It’s his JOB to be mindful of her safety. And the need for it is obvious given that someone else in the car, as clearly seen in the picture, is actually holding on to the roof for balance during the unsteady ride.

But in yet another one of its fake-outs, the pictures were enough for MediaTakeOut to suggest an affair might be taking place. That’s as delusional as it is inappropriate and wrong.

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