Beyonce Banning Solange From Delivery Room?

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Beyonce Banned Solange

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Banned Solange

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Has Beyonce banned Solange from the delivery room? That’s what a certain webloid is claiming. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal the truth.

“‘It’s Her Or Me!’ Jay-Z Bans Beyonce’s Sister Solange From Delivery Room,” reads a headline from RadarOnline on Friday. While the headline puts the blame on the rapper, the beginning of the story pins it on the singing superstar. “Beyonce has banned her little sister Solange Knowles from the delivery room,” declares the site.

A so-called “insider” alleges Solange “begged Beyonce to let her be her birth partner.” The webloid contends Beyonce was “open to the idea,” but Jay Z “had other thoughts on the subject and gave her a coldhearted ultimatum: ‘It’s her or me!'”

“Jay and Solange still have a tense relationship and he just doesn’t like being in the same room as her. He’s told Beyonce these are his babies too and he wants to be there when they’re born, but he doesn’t want Solange ruining his big moment with some mean wisecrack at his expense,” claims the outlet’s supposed source. The alleged tipster adds that now Beyonce is “totally on board with Jay and had to let Solange down gently.”

Of course, the inspiration for this Jay Z vs. Solange story was their infamous 2014 elevator scandal. But the disreputable online publication conveniently fails to mention that the siblings-in-law have spent A LOT of time together since then, both publicly and privately, without issue. That includes last month’s Grammys (see photo below).

Solange and Beyonce are closer than ever, too, and the younger Knowles sister is not forbidden for being present for the twins’ birth. In fact, Gossip Cop is told this tale is a “mess” from top to bottom. That’s hardly surprising considering RadarOnline has been spreading misinformation about Beyonce for years, including a string of untrue stories since Beyonce’s pregnancy was announced. Among those was a ridiculous article about Blue Ivy having a “meltdown.”

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