Betty White Did NOT “Disappear” From Spotlight, Despite Report

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Betty White Disappear Birthday

By Shari Weiss |

Betty White Disappear Birthday

(Katie Couric/Twitter)

Betty White did NOT “disappear” from the spotlight, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story, which seeks to exploit the icon’s birthday.

“Is She Okay? Betty White Disappears From Spotlight Amid 95th Birthday,” reads a headline from RadarOnline on Tuesday. The site dramatically and morbidly begins its article by writing, “Fans feared for Betty White’s life after beloved stars continued to die late last month. Though she survived the New Year, will the beloved legend make it through 2017?”

It’s said White “looked frail” at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills earlier this month, and was helped out of the hotel by one of the establishment’s employees. That’s hardly surprising given her age, but the webloid takes it further by alleging the actress has “retreated from the spotlight after her sitcom ‘Hot in Cleveland’ ended two years ago.” As proof, the outlet points to White’s infrequent use of her Twitter account.

The unreliable outlet then goes on to regurgitate already-debunked claims about White suffering from Alzheimer’s. Gossip Cop busted that post when RadarOnline first published it in June of 2016, and now the bad blog saw fit to regurgitate it, in January of 2017, to fit its narrative. But this storyline is pretty wrong.

Just last month, The Hollywood Reporter ran a cover story featuring White, along with a video interview about her continuing career. “I just can’t imagine not working. I just love working,” she told the magazine, adding, “I’m strong and I’m healthy, my memory still works, so I can’t complain about anything.”

More recently, Katie Couric just interviewed her on the same subject, also on video (see photo above). And White is spending her milestone birthday with the cast of Freeform’s “Young & Hungry,” as she gears up for a guest appearance. She’ll also appear on an upcoming episode of “Bones.” “Disappeared” from the spotlight? Hardly. But it’s clear the facts “disappeared” from RadarOnline’s report.

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