Story About Betty White’s “Bucket List” Is Made-Up

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Betty White Bucket List

By Michael Lewittes |

Betty White Bucket List

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A new story that claims to know 95-year-old Betty White’s “bucket list” is made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this manufactured report. We’re told the entire article is fabricated.

According to RadarOnline, White wants to now “travel the world and release a tell-all book.” But that’s not all, says the website. It asserts she has a number of other items she would like to check off her “bucket list.”

Acting on TV, however, is not part of her plans. A so-called “friend” of White’s is quoted as saying, “She feels she can live to 100 and has other things she wants to do with her life.” “Betty says she wants to go on an African safari,” but would prefer to rough it than stay in to a “cushy” resort, contends the alleged pal.

White, who turns 96 in two months, “also wants to spend more time with her friends before they all pass on,” claims the “friend,” and she wants to “finish a new memoir, and she’s also working on a script for a romantic comedy,” maintains the outlet. Additionally, the actress “hasn’t done much live, on-stage work and she thinks it would be a perfect cap to her long career to appear on Broadway,” adds the ill-informer or quite possibly made-up “friend.” Actually, in her 2011 autobiography, If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t), White made clear she’s never wanted to star on Broadway.

That’s the least of the website’s errors. All the claims about wanting to write a tell-all and finish a romantic-comedy script are also untrue. A rep for White exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the RadarOnline article is “made-up.”

Interestingly, with all it assertions about what the actress would still like to do before turning 100, the website forgot that a year and a half ago it maintained White had Alzheimer’s and that her condition was deteriorating. Clearly, if that were the case, she wouldn’t be able to do such physically and mentally challenging activities as going on an African safari and working on a comedic screenplay. Much like that past article, the latest one about White’s supposed “bucket list” is actually a list of lies.

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