Bette Midler Shares Own “Nude Selfie,” Challenges Kim Kardashian To Make Charity Donation (PHOTO)

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Bette Midler Nude Selfie Kim Kardashian Challenge

By Shari Weiss |

Bette Midler Nude Selfie Kim Kardashian Challenge


Bette Midler shared her own “nude selfie,” and is challenging Kim Kardashian and others to make a charity donation. Check out the photo at right and below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Midler and Kardashian is this month’s most surprising feud (so far!) as the two have butted heads over the latter’s penchant for taking naked photos and sharing them online. After Kardashian posted one such snapshot on Monday, Midler joked that there isn’t much left for anyone to see of her… unless she “swallow[s] the camera.” Kardashian responded by dissing Midler’s age and calling her a “fake friend” for once sending her a gift.

Midler struck back on Tuesday, accusing Kardashian of being unable to “take a joke.” Hours later, the reality star published a blog post about being “empowered” by her body, and urging people to stop slut-shaming her. But on Wednesday night, Midler took things in a different direction.

The veteran actress and singer tweeted, “.@KimKardashian wants me to send her my nudes! I’ll send them right over but the lighting’s bad right now since she threw all that shade!” Midler then shared a fake photo depicting her nude in the bathroom, a la Kardashian, but with a cardboard sign covering her body.

It read, “Like Kim… Put Your Selfie To Work For A Good Cause! Join Me #StagesForSuccess.” Midler wrote in the accompanying tweet, “.@KimKardashian Put your selfie to work…for a good cause! Donate, RT, I’ll match $$ 2-1!” She included a link to her fundraising campaign for Stages For Success, her philanthropic initiative that remodels run-down school auditoriums.

This year, Midler is raising funds for a performing arts school’s auditorium, and more than $140,000 has come in, with a goal of $150,000. The campaign started long before the feud with Kardashian, but this is certainly a way to bring in extra money. Gossip Cop will update should Kardashian respond. Check out Midler’s “nude selfie” below!

Bette Midler Challenge Kim Kardashian Charity Donation



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