Bernie Sanders “The View” Video: Watch Full Interview!

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Bernie Sanders The View Video April 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Bernie Sanders The View Video April 2016


Bernie Sanders appeared on “The View” on Friday, just days after his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Clinton sat down for an interview on Tuesday about her presidential campaign. To be fair and balanced, the ABC talk show also invited Sanders on the program to discuss his own run for president. The new episode kicked off with the co-hosts walking out to “Disco Inferno,” a song that he’s used at various rallies.

Sanders joined the women after the first commercial break, coming out on stage as the studio audience cheered and applauded. Joy Behar, serving at the show’s moderator in place of the MIA Whoopi Goldberg, began by congratulating the Senator on winning the Wisconsin primary, before taking him to task for the nasty turn the rival Sanders-Clinton Democractic campaigns have recently taken.

“Good point. And I hope that stops,” Sanders responded. He noted that while there’s “some enormous crises,” the American people “don’t want us to act like an embarrassment.” But, he said, “The Clinton campaign has made a choice to get a little bit rough to us. If we’re hit, we’re gonna hit back.”

Sanders rattled off the various positions he’s held to refute the Clinton camp contention that he’s not truly a Democrat. “But I am the longest-serving independent in the history of the United States’ Congress,” he acknowledged. He then argued that it’s important for Democratic contenders to have the support of the Independents, and even Rebublicans. “I’m not embarrassed that we’re getting support across the board,” he said.

The Vermont resident went on to defend his controversial comment from earlier this week about Clinton not being “qualified” to be president. Here, he now praised her as an “outstanding First Lady in many respects, breaking the mold,” but went on to say he has far less “regrets” about his voting record than she should have with hers.

Raven-Symone asked Sanders about the recent wave of anti-LGBT laws in various states, prompting him to declare, “I would do everything I can to overturn these outrageous decisions by Mississippi, North Carolina, etc.” He continued, “We have seen so much discrimination… What we’re trying to do is say you have your political views, that’s fine. But I hope we can remember what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, which is we judge people on their character, not the color of their skin. And I would add not their sexual orientation.”

Sunny Hostin pressed Sanders on his gun control stance, leading to a somewhat heated moment as he attempted to justify his record. After a break, he stressed, “I hope people don’t forget I have a D- voting record from the NRA.” Behar next brought up Sanders’ newly-announced invitation to the Vatican.

He told the co-hosts, “Obviously I have disagreements with the Pope and the Church regarding a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage, but this Pope has been unbelievable with raising consciousness” about economic issues. Paula Faris next wondered about a prior comment from Sanders about challenging Clinton for the nomination if he doesn’t have the majority vote.

He now answered, “I don’t want to get into all of the details. We hope to have a majority as we go into Philadelphia for the convention.” He then pointed out, “Polling shows us as the much stronger candidate against Trump.” But will Donald Trump be the Republican nominee? “Hard to say. Maybe, maybe not,” he answered.

Things took a lighter turn when Sanders joked he “had to go” when Faris said they were going to ask some personal questions. He named Martin Sheen on “The West Wing” as his favorite fictional president, and Behar started to feel the Bernie burn when the married Sanders named her his “celebrity crush.” Raven-Symone, however, asked what his wife would say is his “most annoying habit.”

Mimicking her, Sanders answered, “Bernie, stop working. Take a break. Spend some more time with the grandchildren.” But when it was said he’d see them even less as President, the contender admitted, “Actually, the kids are already planning to move in [to the White House]. And I’ll tell you, I’m very blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren… They are the love of my life.”

Then, in a nod to Sanders bringing outdated tokens to use the New York City subway earlier this week, he was presented with a Metrocard. There were more laughs when a pizza was brought out for Sanders to “eat it like a real New Yorker.” Offered a slice, he took a bite… sans fork and knife. Check out the full interview below!


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