Bernie Sanders Meets Joy Behar’s New Dog “Bernie” On “The View” (VIDEO)

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Bernie Sanders Joy Behar Dog

By Shari Weiss |

Bernie Sanders Joy Behar Dog


Joy Behar’s love for Bernie Sanders reached a new level on Wednesday when she introduced the senator to her new dog named Bernie. Check out the video below!

Sanders appeared on the program via satellite from Washington, D.C., to discuss current political matters. Behar introduced the live segment by gushing, “What’s not to like? He’s tireless, he’s conscientious, he’s dedicated. And let’s face it: He’s hot.” The former presidential candidate amusingly responded, “Joy, flattery will get you everywhere.” Then, at the end of the segment, a producer brought out Behar’s Shih Tzu for the pooch’s first appearance on the talk show.

The comedienne amusingly announced, “Let’s forget Russia, let’s forget healthcare and all that, and let’s get to the real reason you’re here today, Bernie. I want you to meet my new dog, and I named him Bernie after you!” Sara Haines quipped, “I just want to ask Joy and Senator Sanders, is it because they look alike?” Behar answered that, “besides the genius of the dog,” “This dog believes in single-payer for dogs. He told the veterinarian, that’s it with insurance baloney.”

Sanders expressed his approval, commenting, “Looks like a very smart dog to me!” In between those two light-hearted moments was a very serious discussion about current events and political affairs. Of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, the president’s former Democratic rival said, “I think what we have is some very strong evidence about the possibility of collusion.” In regards to Donald Trump Jr.’s now infamous correspondence and meeting, Sanders remarked, “Politics is ugly. There is a level of effort to try to destroy candidates personally. But presidential candidates do not have email chains with foreign governments who are talking about how they can elect you and have dirt on your opponents.”

“It is not true that this is politics as usual. This is very, very unusual, and that is why these investigations are taking place,” he added. And, in the wake of the Republicans’ Senate healthcare bill collapsing, Sanders declared, “I want to personally thank millions of Americans who stood up and fought back and said no.” There was also a tense moment when he and Jedediah Bila clashed on alleged quote, and Sanders refused to say if he’ll run for president again.

He insisted, “My focus right now is to defeat the Republican [health] proposal and to figure out how we can give healthcare to every man, woman and child in this country… A presidential election is a long way away. I think the American people are sick and tired of never-ending elections.” As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Sanders last appeared on “The View” in May 2016 when he was still in the running for the Democratic nomination. Watch full video of the new interview below.

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