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Are Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden fighting over Drew Barrymore? A tabloid reports that the musician is jealous of his wife for working with her longtime friend. Gossip Cop investigates.

Is Drew Barrymore Causing Trouble For Cameron Diaz?

According to New Idea, Cameron Diaz is considering coming out of retirement to shoot a new movie with her bestie, Drew Barrymore. However, unnamed sources claim that Benji Madden is worried this could spell the end of his marriage to Diaz if she does. Diaz announced that she was retiring from acting in 2018, not too long after she married Madden. The pair recently welcomed their first child, a daughter named Raddix, together.

An insider reveals that Madden is “obsessed with the idea she will him for a more conventionally good-looking leading man. The type of guy she always used to date before they met.” The source discloses that the singer is “letting his confidence issue get between them though. Cam will not be impressed if he makes any indication that he’s trying to control her career.” The tabloid then mentions The Mask actress' former boyfriends, and the source claims that Madden calls them “Cam’s pretty boys.”

Is Benji Truly Jealous Of Cameron Working Again?

“He knows they used to be her taste and there is obviously still a level of disbelief from him that she married a pale, tattooed rock star,” the insider divulges. The magazine’s source concludes by wondering if Barrymore and Diaz do team up together, Madden will be “wanting a say of the male casting,” and Diaz certainly “won’t be happy about it.”

The Truth Behind Cameron Diaz Returning To Acting

Regardless of what this tabloid is reporting, Gossip Cop isn’t buying any of it. For starters, the magazine clearly starts off by hinting that Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz were fighting over Drew Barrymore. Then, the outlet switches its narrative to suggest Madden is insecure if Diaz were to return to acting. But there are a few glaring holes in the piece. What “project” are they supposedly working on? Plus, Diaz never announced that she’s coming out of retirement.

Though the There’s Something About Mary star did say she’s open to returning to the big screen, we’re quite sure she’ll announce when or if that will happen. As for Madden and Diaz’s relationship, the pair seem quite smitten with their life and their new daughter. Barrymore even revealed that she “snuggled” with Diaz’s baby. Gossip Cop doubts there’s any bad blood between Madden, Diaz, or Barrymore.

Also, it’s hard to even trust what the tabloids say about Barrymore or Diaz since we’ve proven how unreliable the outlets can be. For instance, last month, we busted New Idea for alleging that Drew Barrymore had issues with Ellen DeGeneres for the past three years. Gossip Cop clarified a report from NW that argued that Diaz inspired Barrymore to have another baby. These publications have no real insight into celebrities’ lives and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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