Benedict Cumberbatch Does Magic Trick For Jimmy Fallon On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Benedict Cumberbatch Magic Trick Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Benedict Cumberbatch Magic Trick Jimmy Fallon Video


A “nervous” Benedict Cumberbatch pulled off a magic trick on Friday’s “Tonight Show” when Jimmy Fallon put him on the spot. The actor was on the program to promote his new movie, The Current War, but engaged in some hijinks as well. Watch the video below!

During their chat, Fallon said he saw Cumberbatch doing a magic trick online and remarked, “I didn’t even know you were a magician.” Cracked the actor, “Neither did I, Jimmy.” The host then asked the Oscar nominee to recreate the trick right then and there, which seemed to catch him off-guard. He was willing, but noted, “Last time I did this, I had a magician off-camera teaching me how to do it… I can’t promise that this will work.”

And since it involved water, Cumberbatch warned, “I don’t want to be too near your electronics in case it goes wrong.” He even confessed, “I’m shaking, ’cause I’m so nervous.” And as the two bantered while the movie star got all set, Fallon quipped to his waiting audience, “The trick is better than this, guys, trust me.” But then it happened: Cumberbatch was able to turn an open bottle of water upside down without any coming out. Fallon exclaimed, “That’s what I’m talking about right there!” But that wasn’t it. There was a more impressive second part to the trick, which Gossip Cop won’t spoil.

In addition to showing off his magic skills, Cumberbatch also engaged Fallon in a game of “Sentence Sneak.” The premise was simple: They had to work completely random sentences into a casual conversation. Both cracked up at various points, with the “Sherlock” star having to say lines like, “Weathermen are great dancers,” and Fallon offering, “Aliens should be called Outer Space Boys.” Another priceless one: “Butt-dialing Michael Phelps changed my life.” And, proving he was a master at the game, Cumerbatch even worked one of the lines into a song. Check out the funny videos below!

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