Ben Stiller Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Selfie Stick At ‘Zoolander 2’ Premiere (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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Ben Stiller Longest Selfie Stick Record

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Stiller Longest Selfie Stick Record

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Ben Stiller broke a Guinness World Record for the longest selfie stick, which he used at the Zoolander 2 premiere in London on Thursday to take a photo of himself and the film’s cast. See the video and photo below!

A Guiness World Records official was on hand at the movie premiere as Stiller snapped an aerial shot of himself, along with celebrities and fans, with a 28-foot long stick. Stiller tweeted the photo shortly thereafter with a message that read, “This was much more dangerous than it looks.”

The accompanying video below gives you an idea of what dangers the actor is referring to, as the footage shows Stiller struggling to keep the enormous selfie stick steady in the wind. The actor pulled off the feat, however, and was presented with an official Guinness certificate. Stiller’s stunt was very much in keeping with the film’s theme of a vain male model who doesn’t have the greatest ideas.

Also featured in the record-breaking photo alongside Stiller were most of the movie’s main cast members, including Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Christine Taylor, Kristen Wiig, and Justin Theroux. Zoolander 2 hits theaters on February 12. Watch Stiller break the longest selfie stick record in the video below, and check out the photo to see the final product!

Zoolander 2 Longest Selfie Stick



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