Ben Stiller Challenges Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson, LeBron James To Join ‘Dodgeball’ Charity Game (VIDEO)

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Ben Stiller Dodgeball Justin Bieber

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Stiller Dodgeball Justin Bieber


Ben Stiller reprised his Dodgeball character White Goodman to challenge Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson and LeBron James to join his upcoming charity game. Watch the videos below!

The actor has teamed up with the charity organization, Omaze, to offer fans the chance to play dodgeball alongside him and the other members of Globo Gym’s Purple Cobras, the team led by his villainous character in the 2004 comedy. Fans who donate can also choose to play against Stiller on Average Joe’s team, which Vince Vaughn’s character captained in the movie. The contest will raise money for the Stiller Foundation, which helps provide funds for underprivileged children worldwide.

Stiller’s character, however, is now urging celebrities to join the cause as well. In the first of three Instagram videos, Goodman tells Bieber, “You think hockey and hoops are hard? Try dodgeball, my Canadian not friend. My balls in your face.” He added the caption, “Stop pretending to play soccer and basketball. I know you. You know you. And I know you know that I know you have a better purpose in life – DODGEBALL on team GLOBO GYM. OR join those losers on Average Joe’s and take MY BALLS to YOUR FACE. Choice is yours.”

As for Johnson, Stiller’s character says, “Hey, Dwayne! Or is it The Rock? Or is it Ralph? Or is it Seymour Johnson? I don’t know, pick a name! You know that I, White Goodman, made you into the physical specimen of perfection that you are today. Let the Internet world know that you, People magazine’s most sexual man in the world, have always been a Globo Gymmer.” The caption read, “I know you know that the layout of your private gym, the #ironparadise, was inspired by Globo Gym’s #irontemple. So come home son, and play dodgeball at my side. Together we’ll dominate Average Joe’s… for charity.”

And finally, Goodman reaches out to James and asserts, “Hey, LeBron! I know you’ve won a few basketball championships on the basketball court. Just wondering, how many dodgeball championships have you won? Oh yeah, that’s right, goose egg! I’ll see you on the court.” He added in text, “See you’re back into training after suffering crippling defeat at the hands of lesser talent. I know that feeling you feel that I felt when I didn’t feel good too. But it’s time to hop off that secretary ball routine and grab ahold of some real balls. That’s right ‘KING,’ Dodgeball court is now in session.” Watch all three videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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