Ben Higgins And Lauren B. “Live With Kelly And Michael” Video: “It’s The Real Thing”

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Ben Higgins Lauren B Live Michael Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Higgins Lauren B Live Michael Kelly Video


Ben Higgins and Lauren B. say their “Bachelor” romance may not be typical, but it’s “real.” Check out the video below!

The couple, whose engagement was revealed on Monday’s season finale, made the press rounds on Tuesday, jetting to New York for multiple appearances. The tour included a stop at “Live With Kelly and Michael,” where Kelly Ripa wondered: Couldn’t they have just met off the show like normal people do? “Ideally,” Ben admitted.

He went on say, “It’s crazy. When I’m in L.A., I’m at the same bar that she frequents. We just never met. So this was our opportunity.” Still on the hot seat, Michael Strahan was flummoxed over the reality star’s decision to confess his love to not just Lauren but also runner-up JoJo.

Ben explained that certainly wasn’t the plan, but his path ultimately led him to Lauren. “More every day I fall in love with her,” he insisted. “This is a great thing. It’s the real thing — in a very odd way.”

The co-hosts had the spouses-to-be play a game called “The Bachelor Under Pressure,” in which they had to see if they shared opinions on random things. “If you cannot agree, you will not get married, Ripa quipped. The first question was about whether the toilet paper roll should go over or under, and Lauren was stunned by her fiancé’s answer.

“Under?!” she exclaimed in horror, prompting Ripa to crack, “It’s not too late to back out of this.” Watch below!


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