Ben Higgins & Lauren B. Of ‘The Bachelor’ Play “Newlyweds” Game On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ – WATCH VIDEO

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By Michael Lewittes |


Ben Higgins and fiancee Lauren B. appeared on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” after the Bachelor” season finale and “After The Final Rose” special, to play a “Newlyweds”-like game to test their knowledge of one another. They certainly knew some things about each other, but had difficulty answering other questions on the game Kimmel called “Fiance My Name.” Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, at the end of Season 20 of “The Bachelor,” Higgins got down on one knee and proposed to Lauren B. Since the proposal, as Higgins mentioned during the “After The Final Rose” special, he and Lauren B. have secretly met up to spend time with each other. But has that been enough time to answer Kimmel’s questions?

Kimmel first gave Higgins and Lauren B. magic markers and blank cards to write their answers on to a number of questions. He also noted they were playing for a set of plates and flatware. The first question was what each other’s middle name was. Both answered correctly. Higgins knew her middle name was “Grace,” while she accurately wrote “Edward” on her card. The next question also went well. It was to name the other’s siblings’ names. Of course, Higgins is an only child, so Lauren B. had no problem with that. Meanwhile, The Bachelor nailed it, writing “Bryant,” “Brett,” and “Mollie.” But that’s where the correct answers ended.

When asked to name the each other’s mother’s maiden name, neither knew. Higgins smartly wrote “Beautiful,” while Lauren B. scribbled “Smith” because it seemed generic enough. When quizzed about the name of each other’s uncles, Lauren B. wrote “Dan,” while Higgins answered “John.” He was right again, and his fiancee had no clue. And finally, when questioned about the name of a childhood pet, The Bachelor rightly wrote, “Tessa,” while the best Lauren B. could come up with was “black lab.”

Check out the video below of Ben Higgins and Lauren B. playing a “Newlyweds”-like game called “Fiance My Name” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”


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