Ben Higgins And Lauren B. “GMA” Video: Watch “The Bachelor” Interview!

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Ben Lauren B GMA Video Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Lauren B GMA Video Interview


Ben Higgins and Lauren B. opened up about life after “The Bachelor” on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Lauren B. (whose real name is Lauren Bushnell) accepted Ben’s proposal on “The Bachelor” season finale, which aired on Monday night. They publicly celebrated their engagement for the first time on the live post-show special, “After The Final Rose.” Now joining Amy Robach for a live “GMA” interview, the spouses-to-be kept returning to the same idea: It’s time to move on and be “normal.”

And that means not focusing on the past, such as Ben’s love for runner-up JoJo. Lauren reiterated that her fiancé told all the day after their engagement, and she said she has no desire to “relive” it, particularly when people have “a million different opinions about it.” She explained, “We really made a commitment to move forward.”

Lauren and Ben had the opportunity to take a big leap forward on Monday night, when host Chris Harrison said they could get married right there and then. They turned the offer down, though, and Ben has a simple reason why. “We’ve done this fairly odd the way it is. Let’s try to make things as normal as possible from here on out,” he told Robach.

Lauren noted, “I’m looking forward to just starting a normal life. We’ve been engaged but secretly for the last few [months], so I’m excited to go on a date.” And that she will. Ben revealed they’ll be staying in New York “for a couple days,” teasing, “I do have a surprise planned for her. I don’t wanna ruin it.” Check out the video below!


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