Ben Higgins And Lauren B. Talk Engagement, Future On ‘Bachelor: After The Final Rose’ (Recap)

ben engaged lauren after the final rose recap

By Michael Lewittes |

ben engaged lauren after the final rose recap


Ben Higgins and Lauren B. discussed their engagement and future on the live “Bachelor” finale special, “After The Final Rose.” Get the full recap here!

As Gossip Cop reported, “The Bachelor” season finale had Lauren B. accepting Higgins’ marriage proposal. Though Higgins had told both his now-fiancee and JoJo that he loved them, ultimately he fell for Lauren B. The after-show began with host Chris Harrison asking how he came to the decision to propose to Lauren B., and what it was like watching his breakup with JoJo. Higgins said he gained clarity and realized Lauren B. was his one true love after talking to Harrison, who asked who “cannot you picture your life without.” The Bachelor said it was then clear, “It was Lauren… I cannot picture life without her.”

As for seeing the breakup with JoJo, Higgins admitted it “makes my stomach hurt.” But he later noted, “My life has moved on. I care for her, but that experience is distant” now. Then JoJo came out and said it took “weeks… to figure out what went wrong,” but after watching this season, she saw how he and Lauren B. “hit it off from day.” JoJo added it was “good to see [Higgins]” on the special, and that “everything happens for a reason.” And it did. As Gossip Cop reported earlier, on the “After The Final Rose” show JoJo Fletcher was tapped the next “The Bachelorette.”

JoJo did have one question for Higgins, and that was how he came to his decision. He responded that it really was at the last minute he came to his conclusion, but he wanted to be with one person, and it was Lauren B. JoJo ended her time on the “After The Final Rose” special by saying she’ll “always have a special place in my heart for [Higgins],” but she too has moved on and is “really happy” for the engaged couple.

After her, Lauren B. came out, and she and Higgins said they’re happy to no longer keep their romance in hiding. Lauren B. noted she falls in love “more every day” with Higgins. She also announced she’ll be moving “very soon” to Denver, where Higgins lives. As for Higgins telling JoJo he loved her, too, Lauren B. said that right after they got engaged, The Bachelor explained everything to her, and so there were no surprises.

As they were talking about getting married, Jimmy Kimmel interrupted the “After The Final Rose” special from the audience and asked, “Where do babies come from,” will they have cake at the wedding, and “what happens in the Fantasy Suite?” Higgins passed on the first question, explained they would have muffins at the wedding, and danced around answering what happens in the Fantasy Suite.

Even though Higgins said in the “Women Tell All” show that he would get married that day, and Chris Harrison arranged to have his pastor Denny Wilson in the studio on Monday, when asked if they would wed right then and there on TV, Higgins said, “We owe it to each other, with our friends and our family, a big celebration to cap off this craziness.” Instead, though, Higgins took off Lauren B.’s engagement ring and in front of his and her family, he got down on a knee, and asked, “Will you marry me, once again?” Naturally, she said “yes” again, and both Lauren B. and Higgins’ family came onstage to celebrate. Still, Higgins promised at the end of the “After The Final Rose” special that he and Lauren B. would wed “very soon.”


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