Ben Higgins Gets Stuck In Elevator And Rescued By Fireman During Date With Lauren Bushnell

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Ben Higgins Elevator

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Higgins Elevator

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Ben Higgins got stuck in an elevator during a date with fiancee Lauren Bushnell in Denver on Wednesday night. As a result, a fireman had to rescue the “Bachelor” star. See photos below!

Bushnell posted a Snapchat video of herself outside the elevator repeatedly pushing a button to open its doors before saying, “Uh, oh. Honey?” Higgins gave a muffled response from inside the truck elevator, while she reassured him, “We’re going to get you out of here, okay?” Bushnell later posted a photo of a firemen rescuing Higgins from his confined space, and captioned the shot, “Poor Ben.”

The couple’s date also happened to have been their first since Bushnell moved to Denver to live with Higgins. Shortly after the former “Bachelor” escaped, he and Bushnell filmed themselves on their car ride home, during which Higgins said, “Date night one… Got stuck in an elevator on floor two in a parking garage.” Bushnell then joked, “No, it was like floor one and a half!”

Higgins later tweeted, “Traumatizing! I’ll never forget our first Denver date,” and then noted that his fiancee “keeps laughing.” After a fan asked on Twitter why Bushnell wasn’t riding in the elevator with him, Higgins explained, “Thought it would be nice if she stayed warm inside while I went and grabbed the car.” See some photos below from the incident.

Ben Higgins Stuck Elevator


Ben Higgins Elevator Fireman



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