Ben Higgins NOT “Dumped After The Final Rose,” Despite Report

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Ben Higgins Dumped After Final Rose

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Higgins Dumped After Final Rose


Ben Higgins was NOT “dumped after the final rose,” despite a misleading tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the story. As fans will see on “After The Final Rose” on Monday night, Higgins and his fiancée are still very much together.

And yet In Touch is announcing, “Another one bites the dust! Ben Higgins’ fiancée ends their romance before the season 20 finale even airs.” Again, this is inaccurate. And that’s why the magazine actually pulls a bait-and-switch.

Without naming the woman in question, the outlet claims it’s “not true” that Higgins and his secret fiancée are “happier than ever,” as he recently said on “Good Morning America.” Rather, it’s alleged, “Ben and the woman he proposes to have been having serious issues since the show finished filming in late November.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “She is having a very hard time getting over the fact that Ben told another woman ‘I love you’ within hours of proposing to her.'”

But despite declaring in its headline that Higgins has been “dumped,” and claiming in the sub-headline that the romance has “ended,” the outlet’s actual story conveniently puts it a different way: “He feels emotionally dumped. At this point, the romance is gone between them,” claims the supposed source. “These last few months have been brutal. Ben and his fiancée have been fighting nonstop.”

The alleged In Touch tipster goes on to say, “At this point, everyone is just hoping they make it to ABC’s ‘After The Final Rose’ special.” Well, with hours to go, Gossip Cop can confidently say Higgins and his bride-to-be will indeed make it. That said, as with all couples from the “Bachelor” franchise, the long-term odds are against them and it’s anyone’s guess right now whether the relationship will last. But to claim Higgins was “dumped after the final rose,” well, that’s a flat-out lie.


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