Ben Affleck “Working Out To Point Of Collapse”?

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Ben Affleck Working Out

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Ben Affleck is not “working out to the point of collapse,” despite a new report. The claim comes from a website that has a track record for posting provably false stories about the actor. In fact, Affleck’s rep tells Gossip Cop the entire premise is “untrue.”

According to RadarOnline, Affleck has come up with an extreme weight-lifting routine. And it’s noted he working so hard to add muscle mass by himself that his friends have become “concerned.” The often debunked blog alleges it has an “insider” who shares only with that outlet how Affleck wants “more muscle than he had while making his superhero movies.”

The same unnamed tipster contends Affleck is “obsessed” with bulking up, and he’s pumping iron “to the point of collapse.” The purported source asserts that while the actor’s weight-lifting goes on at “all hours of the day and night,” it’s not tied to any movie, and yet he’s still working himself “to the point of exhaustion.” The untraceable and possibly made-up tipster adds that even though his constant exercise “keeps his mind off booze,” Affleck’s “friends are concerned he’s pushing himself too far.”

Naturally, the site doesn’t mention one “friend” who’s worried about the actor. Nor does it name its so-called “insider.” Conversely, Affleck’s rep tells Gossip Cop on the record that all talk of him working out to a dangerous level is 100 percent “untrue.”

As mentioned above, the website has not always been trustworthy with its stories about the movie star. For instance, Gossip Cop busted the blog when it wrongly reported some time ago that Affleck’s then-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus had a “baby bump” and was pregnant with his child. That was totally inaccurate, as was it’s absurd article about Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting back together.

In that phony piece, which it titled “The Return Of Bennifer,” the outlet again insisted it had an insider, who shared how when Affleck and Lopez met up to discuss a script it was as if “they’d never split up.” The bogus source further claimed the two kissed and realized there was still “so much chemistry between them.” And while the site once more hid behind an anonymous and seemingly fabricated tipster, reps for both Lopez and Affleck told Gossip Cop the article was simply a work of fiction.

And last year, RadarOnline concocted yet another tale that combined rekindling with an ex and it’s latest fixation with Affleck working out. In that manufactured story, which Gossip Cop also corrected, it was alleged Affleck and Jennifer Garner had gotten “back together” in the gym, where she was whipping him “into shape.” Curiously, while there are thousands of photos of them at their kids’ sporting events, going to church, and walking around Los Angeles with their children, the website couldn’t furnish one single photo of Affleck and Garner going into or leaving a gym.

While getting in shape has been a big part of Affleck’s life, and he even worked out at home while still in rehab last year, he’s not putting his life in jeopardy for it. Interestingly, in its current and somewhat related story, the outlet doesn’t mention anything about its previous narrative involving Affleck working out with his ex-wife. It just trudges along without acknowledging its past falsehoods. Gossip Cop, however, keeps very detailed archives, and we suggest the blog starts exercising better judgment when relying on its supposed Affleck sources because they’ve been pretty weak.


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