Ben Affleck Gave Jennifer Garner Diamond As Pre-Anniversary Gift?

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Anniversary Gift

By Michael Lewittes |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Anniversary Gift

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Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner an 11-carat diamond in advance of what will be their 11th wedding anniversary on June 29? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloid. Gossip Cop investigated, and here’s what is fact and what’s fiction.

According to the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer, Affleck “hand-delivered a massive, super sparkly ‘pre-11th anniversary’ diamond to Jen, but not set in a ring.” The tabloid then quotes one of its seemingly fabricated sources saying in unnaturally expository language, “Not-so-subtly popping his ‘new vows’ question, Ben presented Jen with a whopping 11-carat diamond, one carat for each year since their marriage. They’d split just a day short of their 10th anniversary last June amid allegations of his nanny cheating.”

As if that weren’t enough of a fake-sounding quotation, filled with an inaccuracy, the magazine’s questionable source adds, “But not wanting to scare Jen off with an actual ring, Ben had the huge stone set into a gorgeous platinum necklace and told her to consider it a ‘promise trinket’ for his heartfelt intentions, and hopes she’ll suggest resetting the rock into a new wedding ring.” While a gem of a tale, once again the tabloid has published a completely made-up story.

Affleck did not buy Garner an 11-carat diamond for their upcoming anniversary. Curiously, the Enquirer neglected to mention that “Jen is pregnant,” a wholly fabricated claim by the magazine that Gossip Cop busted last week. Nor did the supermarket tabloid bring up how Affleck is reportedly being held “hostage” by Garner, who supposedly will “air even more of his dirty laundry” if he leaves her.

Much like those wrong reports, which Gossip Cop corrected, the latest concocted article about Affleck giving Garner an 11-carat diamond is also untrue. A source close to the situation exclusively assures Gossip Cop it’s 100 percecent “false.” What


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