Ben Affleck “Too Big” For Batman Suit?

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Ben Affleck Fat Batman

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ben Affleck Fat Batman

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Is Ben Affleck “too big” to fit into his Batman suit? That’s the mean-spirited and unsubstantiated claim coming from a disreputable blog. Gossip Cop can bust the ridiculous story.

This absurd and cruel narrative comes from Naughty Gossip, which is alleging Affleck “needs to lose a little weight [to] fit into his super tight costume.” The site collectively quotes unidentifiable and untraceable “sources” as saying the actor has been “packing on the pounds,” and as a result, “there is no way in hell he will be able to fit into the very revealing costume.” These alleged insiders go on to contend, “This isn’t about fat shaming; this is about playing a believable character that can save Gotham. No one wants to see a fat Batman.”

But it was never said to begin with that Affleck might be portraying the Caped Crusader again at his current size. This report makes it sound like there’s a new Batman film in the works for which Affleck tried on his costume and was “too big.” An alternative interpretation, perhaps, of the claims would be that with a new movie in the works, the star has been urged to get into the appropriate shape. Here’s the thing: The future of DC’s Batman film franchise is up in the air, with no new installment greenlit at this point in time.

In fact, Affleck has repeatedly stated that he’s not even sure if he will play Batman on the big screen again. So, considering no such project is in production with the actor confirmed to star, he has no need to go on a film-dictated diet regimen. There’s no need for him to even try on the suit. Had Naughty Gossip bothered to do some research, the website would’ve realized that its made-up premise is seriously flawed and exposes the tale as totally bogus.

And even if a new Batman movie were to go into development, Affleck would adjust his appearance as necessary. His weight has fluctuated over the years, but that hasn’t stopped him from playing the superhero in the past. In 2016, for example, Affleck spoke with Men’s Journal about transforming his body for Batman v. Superman. His starting size wasn’t a problem then, and there’s no reason to believe it would be a problem going forward.

Notably, this unwarranted article came out the same week the National Enquirer and RadarOnline, with which Naughty Gossip is associated, peddled stories about Jennifer Garner pushing Affleck to get in shape. In those pieces, it was asserted, “Ben needs to get back into shape to play Batman again, so Jen’s doing him a favor.” But as Gossip Cop pointed out then and again above, there is no new movie to prepare for at this time.


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