Ben Affleck is not "threatened" by a rumor falsely claiming Jennifer Garner is dating Josh Duhamel. This is a made-up story that was designed to capitalize on a bogus tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust it.

On Wednesday, OK! published a cover story wrongly alleging Garner and Duhamel are in a "secret romance." Gossip Cop debunked the tale within hours of the issue hitting newsstands. Though the pair worked together nearly a year ago on the movie Love, Simon, they are not now dating. But in the wake of our debunking, HollywoodLife has manufactured a related narrative with the headline, "Jennifer Garner & Josh Duhamel Dating: Why Ben Affleck Feels 'Threatened' By The Rumor."

The webloid asserts Garner "may have finally moved on" from her marriage and is claiming to have "EXCLUSIVE details on how Ben Affleck feels." Of the actress dating Duhamel, the site contends, "Although this news calls for celebration, not everyone is ready to say congratulations. Jen's ex is not too thrilled about her new fling." A so-called "source close to Ben" is quoted as saying, "There were rumors going around about Jen and Josh last year [when they filmed Love, Simon]. There was a lot of talk at the time about them hooking-up."

This supposed snitch alleges Affleck was "really jealous" and was "asking around about it." The outlet's purported tipster goes on to maintain that now, "It's fine for Ben to move on and be with whoever he wants, but he's not ready to see Jennifer do the same. Ben's not at all mentally prepared for Jennifer to be with another guy, especially not someone like Josh Duhamel — he's threatened."

But there's a number of problems here, and the blog's assertion that Affleck "recently started dating" Lindsay Shookus is among them. Affleck and Shookus' relationship went public six months ago, after they had already been dating for more than a month. So their romance is hardly "recent" at this point. If HollywoodLies, as it's known, can't get a readily available fact like that correct, it just goes to show how unreliable the online publication is.

Most critically, Garner is not dating Duhamel, nor was anything going on between them last year. Affleck knows that and knew that, so there is zero reason for him to be "threatened." The site clearly doesn't have a real "source," because if it did, it would know there was no merit to the OK! cover story. Given that it was completely erroneous, there wouldn't be any genuine "source close to Ben" talking about it as if it were true. The webloid has taken a false tabloid report and manufactured an equally false story of its own. In the process, the outlet proved just why it's nicknamed "HollywoodLies."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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