Ben Affleck NOT Using “Therapy Dog” Or “Emotional Support Dog,” Despite Reports

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Ben Affleck Therapy Dog

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Therapy Dog

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Ben Affleck is not using a “therapy dog” or an “emotional support dog.” This is a fake news story that was manufactured simply because the actor was seen with a canine. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the inaccurate reports.

The false claim was started by X17, which wrongly announced online, “Ben Affleck Gifted A New Therapy Dog On His Last Day In Rehab.” Alongside paparazzi photos of the star and a pooch, the photo agency wrote, “The actor completed his last day of treatment, and left with a husky puppy.” That was enough for the Daily Mail to pick up the photos and run with the narrative. On its own site, the British paper asserted, “PICTURED: Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus spotted together for first time since groping scandal… as he gains a reluctant emotional support dog.” The tabloid went on to say, “Ben emerged from what is supposed to be his final day at the Rehab Recovery Center with an emotional support dog, who didn’t look too emotionally supportive.”

Well, that’s because the animal isn’t an emotional support dog and his presence with Affleck has nothing to do with being a therapeutic companion. In actuality, Gossip Cop exclusively learned that the husky is a stray that he found more than a month ago. Wanting to give his new furry friend a better life, Affleck rescued and took the dog in and has been caring for it. “That’s it. Nothing to do with support. It’s a cool thing,” one rock-solid contact tells us.

It’s quite apparent that neither outlet bothered to fact-check its claims and instead just made assumptions. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Daily Mail has done so. Back in January, for example, the publication used paparazzi photos of Affleck and a “mystery blonde” to claim he was dating and embarking on a new relationship. Just like now, the paper jumped to conclusions. It’s too bad those conclusions don’t match reality.

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