Ben Affleck “Single Life” Details Made Up By Outlet

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Ben Affleck Single Life

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Single Life

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A new webloid report claims to have exclusive details about Ben Affleck’s “single life” now that he and Jennifer Garner have officially filed for divorce, but the supposed information is simply guesswork that wasn’t provided by any actual insiders.

“Ben Affleck Rushing To Date Right After Jen Garner Split? His Single Life Revealed,” reads a new HollywoodLife headline. The accompanying article notes that Affleck and Garner filed for divorce earlier this month after separating in June 2015, but then purports to know all about the actor’s new “single life plans.”

The site quotes an alleged “source” as saying that Affleck is taking it slow for the time being and “wants to date around and enjoy being single for awhile” before jumping into a serious relationship. Based on the knowledge of the supposed “insider,” the outlet further reports that Affleck also wants to focus on work by “doing some great films both in the directing and acting realm,” in addition to “remaining healthy from his recent stint in rehab.”

Of course, none of these details about the actor’s “single life” are negative, and some are probably even true. The issue, however, is that HollywoodLife doesn’t actually have any insiders feeding them this scoop. The site is simply coming up with general information that could apply to virtually any person going through a divorce, but selling it as an “exclusive” rundown of Affleck’s current situation.

Most newly divorced people don’t rush into another relationship following a breakup, many of them enjoy focusing on work, and just about anyone coming out of a rehab program is interested in “remaining healthy.” The problem here isn’t accuracy, it’s truthful deceit. The site may very well be reporting factual information, but it’s all based on obvious guesses and not genuine research.

Gossip Cop checked in with an actual living, breathing and reliable source close to Affleck, who assures us that no one in the actor’s close circle is speaking to HollywoodLife about him. There also weren’t any real insiders talking to the site when it wrongly reported in October 2015 that Garner was pregnant with Affleck’s fourth baby. Not only has time proven that story to be false, but the actress’s rep exclusively told us at the time, “It’s not true.” Unlike HollywoodLife, Gossip Cop gets the facts from legitimate sources.

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