Ben Affleck Marrying Shauna Sexton In Rehab?

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Ben Affleck Shauna Sexton

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Ben Affleck Shauna Sexton

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Is Ben Affleck marrying Shauna Sexton while in rehab? That’s the absurd claim from one of this week’s tabloids. Regardless, Gossip Cop looked into the story and is assured talk of Affleck having a wedding with the Playboy model in rehab is untrue.

According to the National Enquirer, Affleck is “planning to wed” Sexton while he’s “in rehab.” The supermarket tabloid, which appears to like alliteration more than fact-checking, maintains the “46-year-old father of three is totally besotted with the busty brunette, despite his ongoing battle with booze, and now buds are buzzing he’s got marriage on the mind.” “Ben’s head over heels in love with Shauna and sees her as definite marriage material,” alleges the magazine’s so-called “insider,” who adds, “He’s anxious to hurry up and get his divorce finalized so he can marry her and they can start the rest of their lives together.”

Even though Affleck and Sexton haven’t been together that long, a purported “pal close to the actor” tells the tabloid, “Ben’s beyond starry-eyed about Shauna and insists there’s nothing wrong with acting on his instincts.” The same seemingly ill-informed or made-up “insider” claims, “He wants her to be the next Mrs. Affleck as soon as possible. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he just went ahead and eloped any day now.”

Actually, it would really surprise his wife. It appears whoever concocted this tall tale forget at the end of the article that Affleck is still married to Jennifer Garner. And one of the reasons they haven’t officially divorced is that Garner was concerned about how it would affect Affleck’s sobriety. While they filed papers a year and half ago, last month a judge threatened to dismiss Affleck and Garner’s divorce if they didn’t finalize it soon. But Garner reportedly wants Affleck to work on his health first and not feel the added pressure of the divorce.

It’s true that Affleck is now seeing Sexton following his breakup with “Saturday Night Live” producer Lindsay Shookus. But he’s not ready to fast-track his divorce so he can quickly marry her in rehab. Affleck’s rep laughed off the tabloid’s story when asked by Gossip Cop.

Of course, this nonsense is coming from the same publication that two months ago swore up and down Affleck was going to marry a “pregnant” Shookus, and wanted to “speed things along” because she was “expecting,” but Garner was “stonewalling” the divorce. Back then, Affleck’s rep said there was “no truth” to the claim and clearly there wasn’t.

Interestingly, this time around the tabloid also makes no mention of the “exorcism” that Garner allegedly performed on Affleck before driving him to rehab. That claim from earlier this month was similarly false. Much like those articles and others about Affleck in the Enquirer, the latest one about him wanting to wed Sexton in rehab is nothing more than fiction.


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