Ben Affleck did not go to rehab because he was day drinking, skipping family get-togethers and lying to Jennifer Garner, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this tabloid claim. We're told that's not the reason.

According to Life & Style, Affleck's "situation was far worse than he let on." The tabloid claims he was "boozing during the day, bailing on family activities and lying" to Garner. A so-called "friend" tells the magazine, "He was drinking heavily during the family's Christmas holiday in Montana, starting early in the day." And on one occasion, alleges the publication, he didn't take the kids skiing because "he was hungover."

The rest of the article notes how Affleck has had past problems with alcohol and previously been to rehab, before quoting a questionable "insider" as saying that over time he again began "drinking a few beers [while] watching the Red Sox on TV with Matt Damon." A skeptic might think when the article was being manufactured, the outlet simply threw together the most obvious and well-known things about Affleck, including his friendship with Damon and love for the Red Sox. Also, one has to wonder what kind of "friend" of the actor would dish to a tabloid.

Would that "friend" be the same person who suckered Life & Style into a cover story that falsely contended Garner was pregnant with Affleck's baby in April 2016? Or what it the same "insider" that Gossip Cop exposed six months ago when the tabloid published a cover story wrongly claiming Affleck was back together with Jennifer Lopez? In both those (and many more) instances, the magazine ran articles, based on "friends" and "insiders, that have been completely discredited.

Regardless of its track record, Gossip Cop looked into the publication's latest claim that Affleck went to rehab because he was supposedly blowing off family events, drinking during the day, and lying to Garner, and we're told that's not the reason he sought treatment. An impeccable source explains exclusively to Gossip Cop that Affleck's "dealt with demons in the past and wanted to proactively get help" when he entered rehab at the end of February. There was no particular "catalyst" for his most recent treatment, as inaccurately maintained by the tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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