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Ben Affleck has no plans to propose to Shauna Sexton right after he gets out of rehab, despite a new report. The claim from RadarOnline is fake news, and is nothing more than a rewrite of a National Enquirer story that Gossip Cop has already debunked. In the tabloid's tale it was falsely alleged Affleck was going to marry Sexton while "in rehab," while the newer online version says he'll wed as soon as he leaves the facility. Both versions are wrong. Gossip Cop is told by Affleck's own camp it's all "not true."

On Saturday, Gossip Cop busted the supermarket tabloid when it maintained Affleck is planning to marry Sexton "in rehab" because he sees the Playboy model "as marriage material." The magazine further asserted the actor "wants her to be the next Mrs. Affleck as soon as possible" and that they may elope "any day now." Of course, as we previously noted, there's that one little issue of Affleck still being married to Jennifer Garner. Whoops.

Now, two days after we proved how inaccurate the Enquirer's article was, its sister site RadarOnline did a quick rewrite. In the new online version, the often disproven blog has an untraceable "insider" quoted as saying the "moment he's home" from rehab, Affleck will "make it official with a proposal." "Affleck is ready to pop the question," reiterates the website, with its unnamed and almost assuredly made-up "source" adding, "Shauna's full on board with it."

To recap: After Gossip Cop busted the downmarket magazine on Saturday when it contended Affleck was going to wed Sexton "in rehab," a rewritten version was posted to its sister site 48 hours later that asserted the purported proposal will go down the "moment he's home" from the treatment center. What happened over the intervening two days for the change of course and sudden appearance of new (and probably fabricated) sources? Arguably our ironclad bust of the original "in rehab" wedding article precipitated the new and altered report about a post-rehab marriage.

Regardless, Affleck is not set to wed Sexton in our out of rehab anytime soon. The actor and Garner, though close to a finalized divorce, are still married. In fact, Affleck joined Garner and their kids at church on Sunday.

To make the newer narrative appear legitimate, the claims are repeated by Life & Style. And while that magazine cites RadarOnline as its source, it never mentions anywhere that it's also a sister publication of that website. Both outlets are owned by American Media, which is also the parent company of the Enquirer, as well as Us Weekly, In Touch, Closer, Star and the Globe. This is important because whenever they regurgitate each other's articles, it should not be taken as a confirmation of a claim, but rather just a repurposing of an allegation.

Actually, RadarOnline has a terrible track record when it comes to accurately reporting about Affleck. Just two months ago, the blog swore up and down that Affleck was having a "shotgun" wedding with Lindsay Shookus in Hawaii. That clearly was a lie. And a few weeks ago, it also falsely contended Matt Damon had "dumped" Affleck while in rehab. The two remain close and are set to work together on a movie about Monopoly.

In any event, while those aforementioned outlets hide behind quotes from unidentifiable sources, a rep for Affleck, speaking on the actor's behalf, tells Gossip Cop on the record that he's not marrying Sexton in rehab or the "moment he's home." The actor's spokesperson assures us the reconstituted claims are simply "not true."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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