Ben Affleck Did NOT Get Nanny Christine Ouzounian Pregnant, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ben Affleck Nanny Christine Ouzounian Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Nanny Christine Ouzounian Pregnant


Ben Affleck did NOT get nanny Christine Ouzounian pregnant, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can correct the report. We’re told exclusively told Ouzounian is NOT pregnant.

As Gossip Cop reported, Us Weekly alleged last week that Affleck and Ouzounian had a fling earlier this year in the wake of his separation from Jennifer Garner. Ouzounian was hired as a nanny for the former couple’s three children. But Affleck’s rep insists the relationship claims are NOT true, saying there was never anything romantic or sexual between them, and his camp has even threatened to sue over the allegations.

On Wednesday, Star published its new issue with a predictable cover announcing a “Pregnancy Shocker!” In the accompanying story, a so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “We hear Ben is petrified she might be pregnant. He’s sweating beyond belief right now, wishing he’d never gotten involved with her in the first place.”

Of course, despite an eye-grabbing cover, Star provides absolutely no evidence whatsoever of a pregnancy. Instead, the tabloid simply regurgitates the details of Affleck and Ouzounian’s supposed rendezvous, and the impact it has allegedly had on his split from Garner. Essentially, Star just wanted to further sensationalize the already scandalous drama.

That’s why there isn’t any proof provided of Ouzounian actually being pregnant, but just empty speculation about how it would be Affleck’s “worst nightmare” and “catastrophic” for his family. But there’s a difference between a hypothetical situation and reality. And the reality is, Ouzounian is NOT pregnant. And Gossip Cop is exclusively told Affleck is NOT “seriously concerned” about a possible pregnancy, as his team maintains nothing illicit ever happened between the pair.


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