Ben Affleck “Friends” Don’t Fear Upcoming Movie Will Lead To Relapse, Despite Report

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Ben Affleck Relapse

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ben Affleck Relapse

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A new report alleging Ben Affleck’s “friends” fear one of his upcoming movies will lead to an alcohol “relapse” is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this manufactured claim that is in one of this week’s tabloids and is being repurposed online through the magazine’s sister website. Regardless of how often and where it’s repeated, we’re assured the premise is not true.

According to the National Enquirer and RadarOnline, a movie titled Torrance, about a former high school basketball star who ruined his career and marriage because of booze, “hits too close to home for [Affleck’s] friends’ comfort.” The outlets allege a friend of the actor-director “snitched” he wants to win “another Oscar” and feels this is his vehicle because he can really “identify with the character’s tortured soul.” The supposed “source” notes the character is a “mirror image of Ben,” but fears his portrayal of that guy will land him back in the “dark hole he’s trying to pull himself out of.”

“Everybody’s afraid this movie will be way too emotionally damaging for him,” adds the purported pal, who asserts Affleck believes the film could be his “big comeback.” The rest of the article details how the movie star’s real-life drinking destroyed his marriage to Jennifer Garner. It also touches on his latest stint in rehab.

It bears mentioning that any real friend of Affleck would never share personal information about him with either that supermarket tabloid or its companion website. The reality is he has a very small group of tight-knit friends who are very protective of him. In fact, Gossip Cop has known one of Affleck’s longtime pals for decades and can personally attest that no one who cares or is close to him would have “snitched” on him, as falsely maintained. Meanwhile, whereas the magazine and blog hide behind an unnamed and untraceable “source” (if he or she even exists), Gossip Cop is told by Affleck’s rep, who’s charged with speaking on his behalf, that many of his “friends loved the script for him.”

It’s important, as well, to remember who the source of these articles are. In just the past three months alone, among the many, many stories Gossip Cop busted by them was how Affleck was going to China for brain surgery to cure his alcohol addiction. Also wrong was a tale about how Affleck was having a “shotgun wedding” to Lindsay Shookus.

Similarly, Gossip Cop recently corrected an absurd story about Affleck marrying Shauna Sexton right after rehab. Each one of those reports was provably wrong then, and time has further shown how incredibly inaccurate the Enquirer and RadarOnline have been with their Affleck articles, which all claimed to have come from sources close to him. The only “dark hole” here is the one those outlets keep falling into when concocting falsehoods about Affleck.


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