Ben Affleck’s Mom Begging Jennifer Garner To Call Off Divorce?

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Ben Affleck Mom Jennifer Garner Divorce

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Mom Jennifer Garner Divorce

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Ben Affleck’s mom is NOT begging Jennifer Garner to call of their divorce, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “crazy.”

According to In Touch, the actor’s mom, Christine Boldt, wants Garner and her son to stay together because she believes it will keep him out of trouble. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “She’s asked Jen to halt the divorce proceedings. She is so afraid that Ben will go off the rails without the family to ground him.”

The outlet’s questionable insider further purports Boldt “has seen Ben at his lowest, when he falls into a vicious cycle of partying and boozing,” and she wants Garner to prevent that from happening. The “source” then adds that Garner “is torn and doesn’t know what to do,” because she “loves Christine, but she can’t stay married to Ben to be his babysitter.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close to the situation, who exclusively assures us Affleck’s mom isn’t trying to convince Garner to stay with the actor out of worry for his well-being. We’re told the tabloid’s claim is both untrue and completely “crazy.” Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by this fabricated report, as Gossip Cop has spent an inordinate amount of time busting In Touch’s many false stories about the estranged spouses.

We previously debunked the publication when it wrongly claimed Affleck and Garner were going on a “second honeymoon.” Shortly before that tall tale, we called out the tabloid for falsely alleging Garner had changed the locks on Affleck. The magazine’s latest article surrounding the couple’s split is equally fictitious.


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