Ben Affleck Asks Fans To Give Young Matt Damon Advice (PHOTO)

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Ben Affleck Matt Damon Advice Young

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Matt Damon Advice Young

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Ben Affleck posted an old black-and-white photo of a young Matt Damon on Twitter (see below), and asked his fans, “If you could go back in time, what advice would you give this guy?” He added the hashtag #AskBourne in reference to one of Damon’s most famous characters.

Damon is rocking a leather jacket in what appears to be his high school yearbook photo. The actor doesn’t have a Twitter account of his own, but best friend Affleck will presumably relay the online advice. More than one fan suggested that the actor remove the 2003 comedy Stuck on You from his filmography. “The Farrelly Brothers are going to ask you to do a comedy. Don’t,” implored one person, while another similarly wrote, “Don’t make that Farrelly Brothers movie with Greg Kinnear.”

One fan said, “Don’t do whatever you did to piss off Jimmy Kimmel,” referencing the actor’s ongoing fake feud with the talk show host. Another Twitter user suggested that Damon prevent another actor from taking over one of his roles, saying, “Don’t let Jeremy Renner do Bourne 4.” Meanwhile, a fan who preferred that Damon play a different character, wrote, “Go for the Batman role before that Affleck guy!”

“Never go to Mars,” one user joked, alluding to Damon’s stuck-on-mars thriller The Martian. Meanwhile, a female admirer expressed, “I’d advise him to marry me.” However, a couple of fans took the opportunity to poke fun at Affleck as opposed to offer a young Damon advice. “Keep your buddy away from Jlo, she will ruin his image,” said one fan about Affleck’s high-profile romance with Jennifer Lopez. Another person simply stated, “I would tell him to never hang out with Ben Affleck.” And finally, one fan acknowledged that a young Damon needed zero advice, writing, “It seems to have worked out for him.” Check out Affleck’s tweet below!


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