One of this week's tabloids claims Ben Affleck is trying to prove to Matt Damon that he's a reliable friend amid his struggles with addiction. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus premise. The gossip media constantly tries to create a rift between the longtime pals, but they remain as close as ever.

According to OK!, Damon has been distancing himself from Affleck following the actor's latest stint in rehab. An alleged insider tells the magazine, "Matt is on a mission to reinvent himself in Hollywood. He feels like he's been dragged down over the last year because of his close association with Ben and all of his baggage." The supposed tipster adds, "Matt's doing everything he can to fix his image and hang out with more of his clean-cut friends," such as Chris Hemsworth.

The so-called "source" goes on to say that Affleck feels a bit resentful over his childhood pal supposedly snubbing him. "He and Matt go back a long way. They grew up together and made it big together," adds the questionable insider. "But he gets where Matt's coming from and plans to prove that he can be a reliable friend."

Gossip Cop has already debunked several variations of this phony narrative. Just last week, OK!'s sister outlet, RadarOnline, falsely claimed that Damon was "distancing himself" from Affleck amid the actor's personal issues. In August, the blog alleged that Damon had "dumped" Affleck as a friend following his latest stint in rehab. And in April, the National Enquirer, another sister publication of the tabloid, made up a story about Damon replacing Affleck with Hemsworth as his new best friend.

There's simply no truth to this endless storyline. Earlier this month, Affleck and Damon attended game five of the World Series together, proving they still happily socialize together. Shortly after Affleck checked into rehab in August, People magazine reported that Damon "has and will always be there for Ben." And just this week, Damon said in an interview on the DirecTV series "Off Camera," "I certainly wouldn't be here were it not for [Affleck]."

The tabloid also fails to mention that the actors are producing partners who have a number of projects in development through their joint production company, Pearl Street Films. In fact, Affleck will be directing Damon in a movie about an ex-cop who rigs the McDonald's Monopoly game. The upcoming project marks the first time that Affleck has directed his buddy in a film. There's an overwhelming amount of evidence proving the longtime friends and colleagues are still very close, despite this ongoing saga alleging otherwise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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