Was Ben Affleck Ditched By Matt Damon When He Stopped Drinking?

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck arrive for the world premiere of Warner Bros. "Live By Night,"

By Andrew Shuster |

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck arrive for the world premiere of Warner Bros. "Live By Night,"

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Ben Affleck wasn’t ditched by Matt Damon when he got sober last year, but exactly one year ago, a tabloid claimed that was the case. Gossip Cop debunked the premise when it first emerged. 365 days later, it remains untrue.

On February 10, 2019, Gossip Cop called out Star for falsely claiming Damon didn’t want to hang out with Affleck because he had stopped drinking. The story was published a few months after Affleck has completed a stint in rehab. According to an unknown source, Damon was disappointed that they’d no longer be “drinking buddies,” so he was opting to spend more time with his pal Chris Hemsworth, who “never turns down a chance to party with his bros.” The alleged insider added, “Matt likes hanging with Chris because he doesn’t have to worry. Being around Ben means he can’t even enjoy a beer.”

Gossip Cop corrected the phony story immediately. A source close to Damon assured us the report was baseless. Reliable outlets such as People magazine and Entertainment Tonight also reported that Damon is one of Affleck’s biggest supporters when it comes to his sobriety.

In July 2019, several months after we debunked the tabloid’s story, it was announced that Affleck and Damon would be co-starring in the period thriller The Last Duel, which they’re also co-writing together. As opposed to going their separate ways, the longtime pals will be headlining a movie for the first time since 1998’s Dogma. The Last Duel also marks the first time they’ve written a film together since 1997’s Good Will Hunting.

In October 2019, Affleck relapsed at a Halloween party after more than a year of sobriety. One week later, Damon gave an update on his friend, telling Entertainment Tonight that he’s “looking great and he’s doing great.” Damon added, “We’ve been working together on this screenplay, and he’s just doing great.” The two movie stars have been close friends since childhood, and Damon has supported Affleck throughout his struggles with sobriety over the years. The idea that Damon would cut Affleck out of his life because they can’t enjoy beers together is just absurd.

Star clearly has zero insight into the friendship between the longtime pals, but that hasn’t stop the tabloid from continuing to make up stories about them. Just last month, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for wrongly alleging that Damon’s wife is sick of Affleck always being around. This phony article was concocted once it became clear that Damon and Affleck are still good buddies – so the outlet came up with the idea that Damon’s wife doesn’t like his friend. All of this drama is completely made up.


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