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Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus have been dating publicly for just over a year. In that time, there have been a number of claims about the couple getting married. Below, check out five wrong wedding rumors.

Last September, a headline in In Touch announced, "Ben & Lindsay: Getting Married!" The tabloid acknowledged that the actor and the "SNL" producer were both still legally wed to their respective spouses, but claimed they were "talking marriage" anyway. A so-called "insider" was quoted as saying about a wedding, "They both agree that it would be a very small affair." It was further asserted the nuptials would take place in New York, with Shookus donning a Vera Wang gown. Gossip Cop, however, learned there was "no truth" to the supposed plans, which we were told were premature. They still are.

In November, Life & Style peddled a story claiming Affleck and Shookus were "secretly engaged." Another anonymous "insider" maintained, "Only their very closest friends know. They're currently shopping for rings, but they agreed she won't wear one immediately so they can keep their engagement private." This article also included details about their alleged wedding plans, such as the claim that the ceremony would be held at a private home instead of a church. But no reputable publications had reported anything about Affleck popping the question, and Gossip Cop confirmed they were not engaged. More than six months have gone by, and Shookus has not been seen wearing an engagement ring.

There was a substantial pause on these narratives until last month, when a slew of new wedding storylines cropped up. In late June, X17 speculated Affleck was planning a wedding with a "pregnant" Shookus. Noting the pair had stepped out for dinner with the Emmy winner's parents, the paparazzi agency wondered on its blog, "Is he preparing to ask for her hand in marriage???!!!" The article included a poll that asked readers, "What's next for Ben and Lindsay?" The options were "baby," "marriage," "shacking up," and "all of the above." Gossip Cop exposed that all of the "answers" were wrong. While Shookus and her family were staying with Affleck, it was not a permanent living arrangement, and he took no steps towards a proposal. As for Shookus being pregnant, E! Online reported that during the double date with her parents, she was drinking wine.

In early July, In Touch offered another marriage tale, this one titled, "Lindsay & Ben: Wedding & A Baby!" Just as it claimed last year, the magazine said they were "planning to tie the knot." That neither of their divorces had been finalized was described as a "minor obstacle." An untraceable "insider" (sound familiar?) insisted they were nonetheless intending to marry in "late spring or early summer of 2019." Gossip Cop pointed out that just a week before this was published, "Entertainment Tonight" had addressed the topic of a marriage between Shookus and Affleck, reporting that he's "in no rush to get married again," and had "no plans" to even get engaged.

RadarOnline, however, put the couple on the fast-track only days later. The blog announced a "shotgun wedding," alleging that Shookus was expecting Affleck's baby and they were now planning to marry in Hawaii by the end of the summer. "Ben's talking luau, leis and Hawaiian shirts," an unnamed source claimed, even asserting that he had already asked estranged wife Jennifer Garner to "watch [their] kids while he's away." Curiously, this piece didn't address Affleck and Garner still being legally married, which would make it impossible for him to wed someone else, unless he wanted to become a bigamist. No matter, a Shookus confidante assured Gossip Cop they still had no plans to walk down the aisle, anyway.

When Affleck and Shookus spent time together in Hawaii earlier this year, People reported they are "in a committed relationship," but "not rushing anything." That's still the case today. And until his divorce from Garner is finalized, there is no reason to believe tabloid wedding stories like these are anything but fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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