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Are Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus getting married and starting a family? A tabloid known for wrongly reporting on the actor and his personal life is offering another misguided story. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Since Affleck's relationship with Shookus went public nearly a year ago, In Touch has spread a lot of misinformation about their romance. Last July, for example, the magazine falsely claimed Affleck was "ready" to have a baby with Shookus. In September, the outlet wrongly alleged Affleck was "ready" to marry the "SNL" producer. Then in November, the publication maintained Jennifer Garner was taking Affleck "back," and that he was willing to "dump" Shookus "immediately" for an official reconciliation with estranged wife.

Fast-forward to March when, after none of the above baby, marriage and breakup stories came true, the tabloid peddled a new piece maintaining Shookus wanted to have Affleck's baby. Now three months later, a teaser on the latest edition of In Touch exclaims, "Lindsay & Ben: Wedding & A Baby!" According to the ill-informed magazine, which seems to repeat the same falsehoods over and over, the Emmy winner is now "one step closer to becoming Mrs. Ben Affleck — and having his baby."

The article insists they are "planning to tie the knot and start a family." Of course, as demonstrated above, readers have heard that before. "Lindsay really wants a baby with Ben, and he's all for it," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. Readers have heard that before, too. But, without acknowledging any of its previous tall tales, the outlet declares that now the "time is finally right." Alleges the supposed source, "Ben and Lindsay want to be husband and wife. They love their blended family, but they also want to start adding to it, too."

It's even claimed Shookus and Garner are "making nice" and getting along. The fact that Garner and Affleck are still legally wed, and that Shookus is not yet divorced from her own husband, is dismissed as a "minor obstacle." Still, the purported tipster contends Affleck is hoping to wrap up his divorce proceedings so that he and Shookus can marry in "late spring or early summer of 2019." As for having a child together, the questionable "insider" asserts that they both "want to be married before Lindsay gets pregnant."

But despite what the publication once again wants readers to believe, a "wedding & a baby" is not actually on the table. "Entertainment Tonight" already reported last week that when it comes to a marriage between Affleck and Shookus, "Ben isn't ready to propose and has no plans to get engaged anytime soon," as he's "in no rush to get married again" and "wants to take things slow." Additionally, People has reported that while Affleck and Shookus plan to spend the summer hanging out in Los Angeles together, she has not met Garner and their children. That goes against the "blended family" claim.

And although the tabloid claims Affleck and Shookus have "already completed phase one of their [wedding and baby] plan by moving in together," People reveals she is only staying with him "on and off," and actually has "her own place in L.A. for the summer." Furthermore, the reputable outlet makes no mention of the duo planning to tie the knot and have a child together.

Conclusion: While reps for Affleck and Shookus did not respond to requests for comment, this report is clearly riddled with inaccuracies. It's impossible for the pair to already have a "blended family" when Shookus has yet to meet his children, and other publications indicate that they are not officially living together or preparing for a "wedding and a baby." When one also takes In Touch's past erroneous claims into account, it becomes even more apparent that the tabloid simply doesn't know what it's talking about when it comes to the couple and cannot be trusted to deliver the facts.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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