Truth About Ben Affleck’s Ex-Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus Dating Jon Hamm

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Ben Affleck Lindsay Shookus Jon Hamm

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Lindsay Shookus Jon Hamm

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Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus is not dating Jon Hamm, despite false reports making the rounds. The romance rumors emerged just because the two were spotted at a Broadway show together over the weekend. However, Gossip Cop can confirm they are not a couple.

On Sunday, Shookus and Hamm attended the premiere of the new Broadway production, Derren Brown: Secret, performed by illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown. This prompted RadarOnline and a few other outlets to wrongly speculate that the two are dating. The blog went the furthest with the premise by exclaiming in a headline, “Sorry, Ben! Ex Lindsay Shookus Spotted On Theater Date With Actor Jon Hamm.” The website contends the Saturday Night Live producer “has moved on” from Affleck with the Mad Men star.

Additional outlets asserted Affleck’s ex-girlfriend was “cozying up” to Hamm during the Broadway show, while some other publications admitted to having no real insight into the situation, but speculated there might possibly be something going on between them. Gossip Cop, however, reached out to Hamm’s spokesperson, who exclusively tells us on the record that he and Shookus are “just friends.” The actor and the SNL producer have been pals for several years, and their relationship is completely platonic.

It should be noted, RadarOnline doesn’t have a stellar track record when reporting about Hamm’s love life. Last year, for example, Gossip Cop busted the blog for wrongly reporting Hamm was hooking up with Sarah Silverman. Separate reps for both stars told us at the time that they weren’t romantically involved. Much like his relationship with Shookus, Hamm has been friendly with Silverman for years. As time has proven, he and Silverman never dated.

Also last year, Gossip Cop called out the unreliable site for falsely claiming Affleck and Shookus were having a “shotgun wedding” in Hawaii. Contrary to the narrative about them getting married and having a baby, they split shortly after we debunked that article. Back in 2017, just a few months after the pair started dating, the blog posted a story about Shookus being pregnant with Affleck’s baby.

Considering the blog has written a lot of fiction about both Hamm and Shookus separately in the past, it’s not surprising the latest tale is equally untrue. Perhaps the outlet should find better sources for each of them. Simply, Hamm and Shookus sat together at the opening of a new Broadway show. The longtime pals are not dating, and all of the speculation otherwise is baseless.


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