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Ben Affleck and his now ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus never had a baby together, despite a report from one year ago. Nor did she have a "baby bump," as wrongly claimed 12 months ago by RadarOnline. At the time, Gossip Cop was assured it was "not true," and clearly a year later we were right.

On September 19, 2017, the website alleged Shookus "sparked pregnancy rumors" when she was seen in L.A. in a flowy sundress with what it maintained was a "growing baby bump." The off-base blog insultingly contended the "Saturday Night Live" producer appeared "curvier" and had a "fairly round belly." Bizarrely, the outlet ended its inaccurate article by asking its readers if they thought she was "already pregnant."

Clearly, the often disproven site didn't have any facts to support its story. It seemingly was just guessing what it thought it may have seen in photos the blog bought. But there's a big difference between being pregnant and wearing a billowy dress. There's also a big difference between fact-checking and publishing bogus speculation, which is precisely what the outlet did.

Conversely, Gossip Cop reached out at the time to sources and friends who know Affleck and Shookus. Every single person we contacted shot down the site's claim, telling us Shookus was most assuredly not pregnant with Affleck's baby. A full 365 days have passed and the "SNL" producer clearly didn't give birth.

RadarOnline's reporting about Shookus and Affleck did not get better in the ensuing months after that giant error. This past July, for example, the website falsely claimed Shookus and Affleck were having a "shotgun wedding" in Hawaii because she was (again) pregnant with his (nonexistent) baby. Just days after publishing that make-believe report, Gossip Cop busted the same outlet for asserting Jennifer Garner was blocking Affleck and Shookus's "wedding" by refusing to grant him a divorce, even though his then-girlfriend was supposedly "pregnant."

That was two months ago and, as widely reported, far from having a "shotgun wedding," Affleck and Shookus broke up. She also wasn't expecting two months ago, as incorrectly contended. In fact, Shookus, who won an Emmy on Monday night for outstanding variety/sketch comedy series, clearly did not look pregnant. The site was wrong a year ago about Shookus being pregnant with Affleck's fourth child and was wrong again a couple of months ago. As Gossip Cop noted when we first debunked the claim, the only thing fertile were the imaginations of the people working at that website.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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