Ben Affleck Teases Brother Casey For Not Thanking Him During Golden Globes Win (VIDEO)

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Ben Affleck Jimmy Kimmel

By Holly Nicol |

Ben Affleck Jimmy Kimmel


Ben Affleck appeared on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss brother Casey Affleck’s big win at the Golden Globes on Sunday, but conversation soon turned to how Ben was left out of the award winner’s acceptance speech. Check out the video below!

During the interview, Ben and Kimmel joked about how Casey, who won a Golden Globe for his performance in Manchester By The Sea, didn’t acknowledge his older sibling in his acceptance speech on Sunday night. Kimmel then noted how Casey thanked Amazon, Matt Damon and the producers of the movie, but not his big brother. “He thanked a sh*t load of people, I gotta tell you the truth, someone was omitted,” Ben joked. “I was a little taken aback, that’s not the kinda thing I would do, if it’s me, I would thank people.”

While discussing the awards season, Kimmel predicted that Casey would win the Academy Award for best actor for his latest role, which would make the Affleck brothers the first siblings in Oscar history to win awards in separate categories. “It would be historically the first time that brothers would win something separately, and not just the brothers winning, but this would be the very first time someone would win an Oscar who didn’t brush his teeth from ages 10-14,” Ben teased. “[And] It would be the very first time someone who wins an Oscar pulls his pants all the way down at the urinal!”

Ben continued to make more “very first time someone who wins an Oscar” jokes. Check out the video below of the actor teasing his younger brother on “Jimmy Kimmel.”

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