Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner “Together Again” Report NOT True

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Ben Affleck Together Jennifer Garner July 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Together Jennifer Garner July 2016

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are NOT “together again,” despite a report from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can once again debunk this unfounded claim.

It’s alleged in this week’s Star, “A year after they called it quits, Jennifer Garner is ready to give Ben Affleck another chance.” The accompanying article uses almost the exact same quotes, word-for-word, as this week’s cover story from sister publication OK!. As Gossip Cop reported, that issue similarly wrongly claimed Garner and Affleck were back together.

Both editions, for instance, quote a source as saying Affleck recently “dropped to his knees and promised to do whatever it takes for them to be together again.” The Star version adds, “Amazingly, Jen took him back!” The so-called “insider” goes on to say, “The kids are thrilled, and so is Jen. She really missed Ben. She’s trying not to get too carried away because he’s let her down so many times before, but Jen feels more confident about their marriage than she has in a long time.”

That would be nice… if it were true. But the allegations are a fabrication, just like the OK! story was. As a rock-solid source exclusively told Gossip Cop on Wednesday, Affleck and Garner are “100 percent still separated.”

By the way, it’s worth noting that this piece from Star is also a flip-flop. It was just a month ago that the tabloid said Garner was not speaking to Affleck after his Bill Simmons interview. Now the magazine has claimed that supposed dust-up was actually a “turning point,” but this new article is just as false as the last one.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are back together again.

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