Matt Damon Prevents Jennifer Garner From Taking Custody Away From Ben Affleck?

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Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck attend the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

By Andrew Shuster |

Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck attend the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

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A tabloid claims Matt Damon has convinced Jennifer Garner not to take custody of her kids away from Ben Affleck. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct it.

According to Woman’s Day, Affleck and Garner got into a huge fight over Thanksgiving after the actress threatened to take full custody of their three kids due to his addiction issues. “Ben accused Jen of trying to take his children away from him and he even blamed her for his alcohol problems, which only further infuriated his ex,” says a supposed insider.

Affleck fell off the wagon at a Halloween party in October after more than year of sobriety, and the magazine’s “source” says he and Garner “had a bitter showdown over Thanksgiving” over it. The alleged tipster adds, “Ben tried to take the kids and Jen responded by telling him he was banned from visiting their home. She also told him he was at risk of destroying his visitation rights if he carried on with his behavior.”

The unknown source goes on to say that Affleck’s Halloween relapse was the “final nail in the coffin” for his ex-wife, who spent Thanksgiving “in tears,” but also decided to call Damon for help. The questionable insider says the Ford v Ferrari star agreed to mediate to prevent a full-on custody battle. “There was a lot at stake given how hard both Jen and Ben have worked to make their relationship amicable since their divorce. With Matt’s help, Jen told Ben that if he could stay sober for a year and prove he was continuing to get the help he needs to stay on track, she would back down.”

Nearly every aspect of the tabloid’s article is inaccurate. For starters, Affleck visited Garner’s house the day after the Halloween party, so he hasn’t been banned from her property. In fact, Affleck and Garner celebrated Halloween with their three kids a few days after that. The exes were photographed dropping the kids off at school together during the day, and bringing them to a party later that night. This was mere days after the actor relapsed at a separate Halloween gathering.

Meanwhile, Affleck and Garner just celebrated Thanksgiving with their three kids. The actor flew to Los Angeles from New Orleans, where he’s shooting a movie, to spend the holiday with his family. Affleck’s mother even joined the festivities. Just last week, Affleck and Garner were seen shopping for a Christmas tree with their three children. The two stars have one of the most amicable co-parenting relationships of any ex-spouses in Hollywood, and it remains that way.

Meanwhile, Affleck’s spokesperson told us just last week that there were “no fights” between him and his ex over Thanksgiving. The actor’s rep told us this after In Touch made up a similar story about Garner threatening to take the kids away from Affleck on Christmas. Regardless of the actor’s sobriety struggles, his ex-wife has never questioned his abilities as a father, nor has she ever tried to take the kids away from him.

Woman’s Day has come up with this latest bogus story as a way of throwing Damon into the mix, but the narrative is fairly illogical. The tabloid first claims Affleck’s recent relapse was the “final nail in the coffin” for Garner. If that’s the case, then why would she call his lifelong buddy for help? If Damon were to intervene, he’d clearly be more inclined to help Affleck keep his kids. In addition to being untrue, the magazine’s story doesn’t make sense.

Gossip Cop also needs to mention that less than two months ago, Woman’s Day wrongly reported that Garner and Affleck were back together and she was pregnant with his baby. That ludicrous story obviously wasn’t true, and the inconsistency among the tabloid’s articles is astounding.


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