Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Easter Reunion Was “Tense”?

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Easter Reunion

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Easter Reunion

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Was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s family reunion over Easter “tense”? Instead of doing any actual reporting, a website is drawing inaccurate conclusions based solely on paparazzi photos. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story.

Affleck has been in Hawaii to film the movie Triple Frontier. Because he and Garner still spend holidays together even though they’ve filed for divorce, she and their kids flew out from California to be with him over Easter weekend. But according to spin from RadarOnline, the visit didn’t go so well. “The tension between the two felt as a cracked as a colored egg,” claims the site.

Alongside paparazzi photos, the blog asserts Garner and Affleck “appeared to be in deep conversation” as they walked in a park. Given that the outlet has no idea what they were talking about, the claim that there was “tension” is unsubstantiated. Still, the online publication maintains that “the only time Garner looked happy” was in a selfie she posted from a hike “with Affleck nowhere to be seen.” But considering the website wasn’t monitoring the actress 24/7, there’s no grounds for contending that was the “only time” she was “happy.”

The site then gives totally false information when it asserts there was “hope lately that the two former lovebirds were headed toward a recoupling.” Adds the blog, “But these photos may slow those rumors.” Well, those “rumors” were actually already busted. Gossip Cop confirmed nearly a month ago that Garner and Affleck were not reuniting, despite the outlet’s sister publication, Us Weekly, running a deceptive cover that wrongly led fans to believe they were getting back together.

RadarOnline ends its piece by asking readers, “Do you think the couple looked happy or troubled?” Of course, they aren’t actually a “couple” anymore. And fans making assumptions based on paparazzi photos is no better than the website doing the same. As opposed to guessing what transpired, some reputable outlets did real reporting. For example, a People story on Garner and Affleck’s Easter weekend detailed their visit to Sea Life Park and noted they had “the best time” with their children. The magazine’s source added of Garner, “She will continue to support him because it benefits the kids.”

And in its own article about Garner and the kids taking a spring break trip to visit Affleck in Hawaii, E! Online reported, “Ben and Jen are friendly to one another and amicable in front of their kids.” Neither publication said anything about the holiday reunion being “tense.” That’s because it wasn’t. And had the website actually investigated with real sources, it would’ve learned that its angle was baseless.


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