Ben Affleck Begging Jennifer Garner To Finalize Divorce?

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Divorce

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Divorce

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Is Ben Affleck begging Jennifer Garner to finalize their divorce so he can quickly marry Lindsay Shookus? That’s the premise behind a new tabloid story. Gossip Cop, however, looked into the claim and it’s not true.

According to Life & Style, Affleck is tired of waiting for Garner to legally end their marriage because he wants to wed Shookus and is even exploring legal remedies. An unnamed “source” tells the magazine, “He has made it clear to Jen that unless the divorce is finalized by September, he’d have no choice but to arrange a court date.” Affleck has already bought a ring and wants to “marry Lindsay as soon as he can,” contends the outlet, which adds, “Ben’s getting awfully tired of waiting” for Garner to sign off on the divorce and wants to “make things permanent with Lindsay.”

The alleged insider maintains, “Jen isn’t as ready to move on” and is dragging her feet when it comes to finalizing the divorce papers. “She never expected him to want to remarry again so soon,” offers the so-called “source.” However, asserts the unidentifiable tipster, Garner “knows that unless she stops stalling the process, things could take a bitter turn.”

The reality, however, is that their separation is far from acrimonious. Recently, Affleck and Garner were spotted together laughing in a Los Angeles park. Also, Garner posted as loving tribute on Instagram to Affleck on Father’s Day. And just a few days ago, Garner and Affleck took their kids to “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway, and it was noted how they’re in a “good place.”

It’s true a little more than a year has gone by since Garner filed for divorce, but the actress is not “stalling the process.” A number of variables go into a split, including working out a division of assets, custody arrangements and child support, to name a few. Additionally, Affleck’s sobriety is part of both his divorce from Garner and possibly getting more serious with Shookus, with whom he currently has no plans to wed. As previously reported, Garner needs to make sure Affleck remains sober, as part of their custody agreement.

Similarly, although their relationship is progressing nicely, Affleck is not marrying Shookus in the near future because he’s been told to slow down and focus on his sobriety. “Ben isn’t ready to propose and has no plans to get engaged anytime soon,” further notes “Entertainment Tonight.” And People also reports Affleck and Shookus are “not rushing anything.”

Even with all the overwhelming proof to debunk the tabloid’s article, Gossip Cop reached out to the two stars’ reps. While a spokesperson for Garner didn’t comment, a source close to the actress tells us the magazine’s premise is “not true.” And a rep for Affleck also assures Gossip Cop the narrative about Affleck begging his estranged wife for a divorce so he can marry his girlfriend is “untrue.”

It’s interesting that Life & Style claims the actor now has a ring and wants to get married because it previously alleged Affleck and Shookus got secretly engaged nine months ago. It’s also the same outlet Gossip Cop busted when it falsely reported Affleck asked Garner to get back together. The magazine’s untraceable (and possibly nonexistent) sources have been wrong before and are once again with this latest article about how Affleck is begging Garner to finalize their divorce so he can marry Shookus, who is still legally wed to her estranged husband.


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