Ben Affleck Worried Jennifer Garner Divorce Is Hurting Career?

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Divorce Career

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Divorce Career

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Is Ben Affleck worried that the negative press surrounding his divorce from Jennifer Garner is hurting his movie career? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop has the truth.

According to the National Enquirer, the actor is concerned that some of his recent scandals, including cheating allegations and possible relapses, are impacting his ability to get work. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Ben’s terrified that he’s turned off both the public and producers he needs to hire him.”

The outlet goes on to say that Affleck fears his image will be irreparably ruined by the “$190 million divorce battle” with his estranged wife. The publication further contends that the movie star could be headed for a custody battle over his three kids, which would further damage his reputation in Hollywood.

The tabloid’s story is very misguided. For starters, Affleck and Garner are on good terms and work side-by-side to successfully co-parent their three kids. People recently reported that the estranged spouses “are happy to be together” when they spend joint time with their children. Last month, Garner and Affleck brought their kids to see Hello, Dolly! on Broadway. And earlier this year, Garner paid tribute to Affleck on Instagram in honor of Father’s Day, noting that their kids “are lucky” to have such a loving dad.

The ex-couple’s divorce isn’t tumultuous and they’re not battling over money or custody, despite the magazine’s false narrative. This claim that there’s a barrage of negative press surrounding Affleck’s divorce from Garner simply isn’t true. Meanwhile, the controversies related to the actor’s sobriety and alleged affairs came out years ago, so it doesn’t make sense that he’s all of a sudden worried about facing professional backlash. Regardless, the actor has several high-profile projects lined up, so it’s clear he’s not having trouble getting work.

It was announced last week that Affleck will be directing Matt Damon in a movie about a criminal ring that stole millions of dollars from McDonald’s Monopoly game. Last month, Affleck signed on to star in the Netflix movie The Last Thing He Wanted alongside Anne Hathaway. In June, Affleck became attached to the film The Has-Been, a drama about a former basketball all-star. The actor also has an sequel to The Accountant in development and just wrapped filming the Netflix movie Triple Frontier. Simply put, he isn’t struggling for work. Not only is the Enquirer’s article based on the false premise that Affleck and Garner are in a nasty divorce battle, but the actor’s lineup of projects also disproves the idea that his career is in trouble.


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