Truth About Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner’s Co-Parenting Relationship

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Ben Affleck in a black tux holding hands with Jennifer Garner in a silver dress at a red carpet event in 2014

By Hugh Scott |

Ben Affleck in a black tux holding hands with Jennifer Garner in a silver dress at a red carpet event in 2014

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been successfully co-parenting their three kids since splitting in 2015. That hasn’t stopped the tabloids from running false reports about the custody of their children. These are just a few of the times Gossip Cop has debunked such stories recently.

In November NW wrote a bogus article alleging Garner was threatening to take away the kids from Affleck if he didn’t get sober. The story came on the heels of the actor’s brief relapse at a Halloween party a week earlier. The tabloid jumped on the chance to make up a report that asserted Garner thought her ex-husband was a “lost cause.” The phony report included quotes from an unnamed source the tabloid claimed was a “family friend,” who said, “There’s only so much Jen can take.”

Unfortunately for the tabloid, there was a mountain of evidence to disprove its allegation. Gossip Cop pointed out that Garner has always been supportive of Affleck as a father. We also checked with Affleck’s spokesperson, who confirmed the article was made up.

Less than a month later, the National Enquirer published a phony report claiming Affleck was ditching Garner and their kids on Thanksgiving. The story said the actor was going on vacation alone to the Bahamas instead of spending the holidays with his ex-wife and their children. Gossip Cop busted the report at the time, and just days later, it was clear the story had been made up. Affleck flew from his movie shoot in New Orleans to spend Turkey Day at Garner’s house in Los Angeles. The tabloid clearly had no insight into the situation.

A couple of weeks later, In Touch asserted that Garner was threatening to take the kids away from Affleck on Christmas. In the piece, the outlet quoted a supposed source as saying, “Jen brought up her concerns that Ben wouldn’t be able to stay sober this holiday season. He’s sober right now and felt Jen was doubting him, so they got into a heated argument.” The magazine contended it was a “screaming match” between the exes.

Like the earlier piece about Thanksgiving, this one was busted by Gossip Cop and the very next day, the couple went Christmas tree shopping together. While it seems Affleck did remain in New Orleans for Christmas while still shooting an upcoming film, clearly Garner had no intention of shutting him out of all the festivities. The tabloid was just flat out wrong.

Just days later, Woman’s Day jumped on the bandwagon with its own piece, claiming Matt Damon prevented Garner from taking the kids from Affleck. Like the others, the article was invented in the wake of Affleck’s brief relapse. The only difference was the tabloid added another A-list name to the phony story, by including Affleck’s longtime buddy, Damon. There was no basis in reality for the report. Indeed, Gossip Cop debunked the claim with yet another mountain of evidence disputing it. The tabloids have loved making up stories out of thin air, all because Affleck suffered what he called “a slip” in his sobriety. The truth is, he remains a dedicated parent with his ex-wife.


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