Ben Affleck NOT “Hooking Up” With Abigail Kuklis, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ben Affleck Dating Abigail Kuklis

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Dating Abigail Kuklis


Ben Affleck is NOT “hooking up” with actress Abigail Kuklis, despite a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claim. We’re told the report has no truth to it.

On Wednesday, the new issue of Star hit newsstands announcing a “devastated” Jennifer Garner has been “betrayed again” after Affleck was “caught with [a] sexy costar.” The accompanying story claims Affleck has been “having romantic rendezvous” with Kuklis, who has a small role in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie. The magazine points out Kuklis had a bit part in the Garner film Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, and says their “worlds are colliding again,” thanks to Affleck.

“Ben and Abigail began seeing other on the sly,” a so-called Batman V. Superman “production insider” alleges to Star. “They’ve spent time together on both coasts.” But the tabloid then goes on to contradict its earlier claims, with its supposed source saying, “I think Jennifer will be devastated and humiliated when she finds out Ben was keeping time with Abigail behind the scenes.”

The Star “insider” is speculating on how Garner might react to this alleged romance, when the cover (see above) already deemed Garner “devastated” and “betrayed” after Affleck was “caught.” It’s a small but telling bait-and-switch. Because here’s what seems to really be going on: Star wanted to add another twist to the Affleck-Garner divorce saga, and used a woman that could be connected to them both to make a sensational cover.

It is a work of tabloid fiction, and is just as untrue as another recent Star cover that wrongly alleged Affleck and Garner were “back together.” While the two have maintained an amicable dynamic for the sake of their kids, they are still separated. And there is no secret relationship with Kuklis to make Garner upset. An impeccable source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Star cover story is 100 percent “incorrect.”


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