Ben Affleck NOT “Crushing” On Halle Berry, Despite Report

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Ben Affleck Halle Berry

By Michael Lewittes |

Ben Affleck Halle Berry

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Ben Affleck is not “crushing on” Halle Berry, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told the story is “not true at all.”

According to OK!, Affleck has been “interested in Halle for the past 15 years.” The tabloid quotes a questionable “source” as saying, “Ben has had an epic crush on Halle ever since he saw that sex scene in Swordfish back in 2001.”

The magazine then relates that Affleck’s “timing couldn’t be better, as both he and Halle are newly single.” To fill out its space, the tabloid writes that Affleck “couldn’t hide his excitement” when he found out Berry was single, and now his friends are supposedly “already placing bets on how long he’ll take to make his move.”

But since they don’t personally know each other, says the magazine, Affleck has “come up with a great plan in order to get her attention.” Rather than just asking her out, the tabloid alleges in its wholly fabricated story that Affleck is “now trying to find a role for her in one of his next movies” so he can spend “four months wooing her on a movie set.”

While it’s true Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner split in August, and Berry and Olivier Martinez announced they were divorcing in October, the rest of the tabloid’s tale is made up. A source close to Affleck exclusively assures Gossip Cop that the magazine’s claim is “not true at all.”

As a reminder, OK! is the same magazine Gossip Cop exclusively busted six weeks ago when it ran an inaccurate cover story that proclaimed Garner was pregnant again, and that the couple “called off” their divorce as a result. That story was completely manufactured, and so is the current claim about Affleck not only having a “crush” on Berry, but also casting her in a movie, just so he can “woo” her.

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Ben Affleck is crushing on Halle Berry.


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