Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller Talk Sex Scenes On ‘Graham Norton Show’ (VIDEO)

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Ben Affleck Graham Norton Sienna Miller

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Graham Norton Sienna Miller


Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which they discussed their many sex scenes in Live By Night, which the actor himself wrote. Watch the funny video below!

“You can’t help but notice when you watch the film, you did write yourself a lot of sex scenes,” Norton told Affleck on the British talk show. “Why else get into directing?” Affleck joked. “That’s kind of the whole point!” The actor then mocked typing with his fingers, and said, “And he’s still going! It’s unbelievable!”

Affleck then went on to explain his directing style while shooting a sex scene, revealing, “Sometimes I like to just go over and over again without cutting and interrupting the flow,” to which Miller quipped, “Careful with your words.” He continued, “We have these montages of sex scenes, so we were in the car and here and there. And I was just in my mind thinking, ‘We’re going again. I’m not gonna say cut and action. We’ll just keep going.’ And finally she just started laughing like, ‘Who do you think you are?!'” Affleck’s leading lady agreed, adding, “How many times can one man climax?” Watch the funny “Graham Norton Show” video below!


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