Ben Affleck, Lindsay Shookus Getting Married?

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Ben Affleck Not Getting Married

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Not Getting Married

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Are Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus on their way to getting married? That’s what a tabloid report is claiming, even though the actor is not yet divorced from Jennifer Garner. Gossip Cop can separate the fact from the fiction.

A headline in the new issue of In Touch announces, “Ben & Lindsay: Getting Married!” According to the article, Affleck is “ready to wed,” but Garner “stands in his way.” And while Shookus is also still legally wed as well, a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid that both she and the actor are “already talking marriage.” Claims this supposed source, “Ben knows Lindsay’s the one. They plan to tie the knot as soon as their divorces are finalized.”

But, adds the gossip magazine, “that could take while.” A purported “Jen source” alleges Garner “isn’t in any hurry to help Ben move on with his life.” In addition, the supposed snitch maintains the actress is holding out for the “best financial settlement possible.” The outlet also contends, however, that she’s unaware of his interest in tying the knot again. “Ben hasn’t told Jen about wanting to marry Lindsay… as she’d likely freak out and tell him it’s too soon,” the aforementioned “insider” asserts.

Still, wedding plans are supposedly underway regardless. Maintains the publication’s Affleck tipster, “They both agree that it would be a very small affair. They don’t want a church wedding, just an intimate gathering, a few friends.” It’s even said the ceremony will take place in New York and Shookus will probably don a Vera Wang dress. “They both think that their second marriage will be the one that lasts,” the tabloid’s “insider” adds. But Gossip Cop has exclusively learned these claims are premature.

It is true that Affleck and Shookus are happy together and excited about the future. But no wedding bells are ringing just yet. “There is no truth to this,” an Affleck confidante tells us. And we’d be remiss not to point that that In Touch has a laughably horrible track record when it comes to reporting on the Oscar winner. On top of fabricating number of fake pregnancies and made-up reunions with Garner, it was less than two months ago that Gossip Cop busted the magazine for claiming Affleck and Shookus were already talking about having a baby together. The outlet is moving way faster than the couple actually is, continuing its trend of publishing a false narrative that doesn’t match reality.

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