Ben Affleck “Hates” Henry Cavill?

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ben affleck hate henry cavill

By Jesse Spero |

ben affleck hate henry cavill

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Ben Affleck does not hate Henry Cavill, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to In Touch, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was actually “Affleck v Cavill: Dawn of Feuds!” A so-called “source” tells the tabloid the co-stars clashed throughout filming, because the actors “can’t stand each other.” “Ben hates Henry; he calls him a ‘stuffy Brit,'”says the magazine’s supposed “insider,” adding that Affleck allegedly couldn’t stand Cavill’s “know-it-all attitude.”

The tabloid further claims production on the superhero film was tense because of Cavill’s alleged input. “Henry would make suggestions to the director, Zack Snyder, and Ben would just roll his eyes. It also drove Ben absolutely nuts that Henry kept referring to the film as the ‘Superman sequel,’ because Ben didn’t think the first film [Man of Steel] was all that special,” says the magazine’s questionable source.

The disdain was allegedly mutual between the stars, claims the tabloid. “Henry wasn’t impressed with Ben’s nonchalant behavior on set and he made that clear,” states the magazine’s dubious “insider.” The publication goes on to state that on the promotional tour, Affleck and Cavill “pretended to be friends, and that’s where the real acting took place.”

Gossip Cop looked into these claims, and found them to be totally false. A source close to Cavill exclusively tells us the In Touch story is “not true.” Gossip Cop is not exactly shocked that the tabloid dropped the ball again. In September 2015, months after Affeck announced he and Jennifer Garner were divorcing, the magazine reported they were “expecting baby No. 4.” Naturally, that story was a lie, and so is the current one.


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