Ben Affleck Invites Fans To Ride Shotgun In Batmobile (VIDEO)

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Ben Affleck Fans Batmobile

By Michael Lewittes |

Ben Affleck recently surprised a number people on the Warner Bros. studio tour by popping open the doors to the Batmobile and revealing himself in an exhibit of Batman’s cars. One man even got to ride shotgun in the Batmobile with Affleck, who stars in the upcoming Batman v. Superman. Watch the video below.

While visitors were standing in front of a garage filled with old Batmobiles, as well as the one to be featured in Batman v. Superman, a tour guide asked, “Who do you think would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?” Overwhelmingly, the responses were “Superman,” prompting Affleck, who was hidden inside the Batmobile, to open the doors and say, “Who said Superman?” The people on the tour were, to say the least, surprised Affleck was there, with some not believing it was actually the actor. “I am real,” Affleck assured one woman.

Affleck also took a little girl inside the Batmobile, and noted, “Superman doesn’t even have a cool car to put you in. I have like eight of these.” He told another group visiting the Batmobile exhibit on the Warner Bros. lot, that while he has a cool car, “Superman has a Subaru.”

Next, Affleck took the Batmobile for a spin around the Warner Bros. lot. While a bus drove around the studio, the driver noted the new movie Batman v. Superman is coming out shortly (on March 25), and similarly asked who they thought would a fight. Again, the people on the tour chose Superman. But right as they did, Affleck came screeching up to them in the Batmobile. He then asked the surprised visitors how the tour was going, before having a guy join him in the passenger’s seat.

After that, Affleck tells the camera in the video that a lucky winner can also ride with him in the Batmobile to the premiere of Batman v. Superman. He explains it’s all part an Omaze charity fundraising campaign to benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative, the SEED Project, and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which were singled out by the film’s stars Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Jesse Eisenberg. Check out the video below.


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