Ben Affleck NOT Drunk During ‘Any Given Wednesday’ Interview, Despite Speculation

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Ben Affleck Drunk Any Given Wednesday

By Andrew Shuster |


Ben Affleck was NOT drunk during his appearance on Bill Simmons’ new HBO sports talk show, “Any Given Wednesday,” despite speculation from fans on social media. Gossip Cop can exclusively put an end to these rumors. We’re assured that the actor was completely sober.

Affleck’s interview on the show mostly comprised of him going on a profanity-laced rant about the New England Patriots’ Deflategate. The Boston native described the controversy, and Tom Brady’s subsequent four-game suspension, as a “ridiculous smear campaign,” adding, “Deflategate is the ultimate bullsh*t, f**king outrage of sports ever. It’s so f**king stupid.” Affleck went on to drop many more expletives while delivering his impassioned take on the situation.

Some fans believed that the actor seemed under the influence of alcohol during his diatribe, and began tweeting their take on the situation shortly after the show aired. One Twitter user joked, “I moved to Hollywood to get away from drunken Boston people slurring and screaming about sports. Ben Affleck is ruining it for me.” Another person similarly quipped, “5 minutes of Ben Affleck drunk on HBO provided more entertainment than the two-and-a-half hours of Batman v Superman.”

One fan said, “Ben Affleck on ‘Any Given Wednesday’ just confirmed for me that on talk shows yes, that’s real alcohol in the glass,” while another theorized, “When you’re drunk, who you really are comes out. Ben Affleck really is just a regular guy from Boston.”

However, not all of the actor’s fans poked fun at his interview. Some concerned Twitter users pointed out that Affleck went to rehab for alcohol more than a decade ago. “Whether you like Ben Affleck or not, the guy’s been waging a war against alcohol for years,” noted one person. “Today, he’s losing. It’s NOT funny. It’s tragic.” Another fan offered, “A true barstool rant. Sad, riveting, and kind of concerning.”

But shortly after this speculation began spreading on social media, host Bill Simmons set the record straight himself. “BTW – we taped ‘AGW’ in the late – AM,” revealed the sports columnist. “Ben got fired up about DeflateGate during the convo, that’s it.” Additionally, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Affleck, who exclusively assures us that the Boston sports fanatic wasn’t drunk, but simply passionate about the topic being discussed.

On Thursday, Affleck apologized for his profanity (sort of). He tweeted, “For those of you keeping score at home, I gave exactly 18 f*cks about my Pats. Upon reflection, 12 probably would have been sufficient.” The actor added, “We Boston fans have always been known for our subtlety. One of my favorite interviews; hope you get to see the entire episode. #GoPats.” Watch Affleck’s full “Any Given Wednesday” interview below.

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